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Slavefic recs

I love the slavery trope. Inequality is fun to explore, and there are lots of slavefics out there, ranging from the cruelly violent to the gently schmoopy. Here's a round dozen slavefics to whet your appetite.

1: A Matter of Ownership, by myotherheart

Jared has been at war, and now he's home. Jensen is the slave he buys to service him. Simple and dirty with lots of D/s.

2: To Stand Close, by arabia764

Jensen lives in a country where he is not free and slaves are commonplace. He trains girls in gymnastics, and he's so good at it that the moms band together to buy him a slave. The problem is that Jensen really disapproves of slavery, but dare not express that, because Big Brother is always wataching

3: Cinderella in Chains, by delanach

Jared is Prince Charming, and Jensen is Cinderella in this D/s version of the fairy tale. Jensen's wicked stepmother is truly evil.

4: Purity, by saucyminxfix

Jensen has been raised from birth to be a pure companion to someone who could afford one. Jared is a member of high society, and it's expected of him to take a companion.

5: Horas Non Numero, by bertee

Jensen is a slave. Jared is of the Roman nobility, and in love with him. Sadly, Jared doesn't own him, and can't afford to buy him.

6: Nomad's Slave, by anyothergirl415

Jared is a wanderer with a secret. He performs a good deed and is rewarded with the gift of a handsome green eyed slave... that he really doesn't want.

7: Things We Can’t Untie, by astrangerfate

Jensen is just going into a new job as a trainer of political prisoners. He is supposed to turn them into sex slaves for the elite. Jared is his first subject, and he begins to have second thoughts.

8: Not Equal, Yet, Together As One, by chrissy6299

The society Jared and Jensen are born into is caste based. Jensen at age 18 must choose a mate from a lower class, and Jared is his pick.

9: Comes a Horseman, by astri13

This is a J2 retelling of the Highlander arc of the same name. Jen is a gentle physician and healer, while Jarek is the leader of a barbarian horde.

10: The Courtesan Verse, by phantisma

My very favorite slavefic. Jensen is a courtesan in the house of Morgan. When Jared, who is one of Morgan's gladiators, wins an important match for him, he is rewarded with a night in the arms of Jensen. They fall in love and begin to try and win their freedom so they can be together.

11: The Winning Scenario, by virtualpersonal

Cas and brimstonegold have written a futuristic crossover between Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica. Captain Dean Winchester wins a night with Sam, a pleasure slave who has been tortured by Cylons and who has psychological problems because of that. Dean feels the need to rescue him, but that might not be a good thing...

10: Trojan Games, by tryfanstone

Not strictly a slavefic, but almost. Padakles is the Greek warrior who is beguiled by Jensen Ackleites, the Trojan prince.
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