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Podfic Roundup for October 2014!

ETA 11/9/14: I just wanted to put a quick note here in case anybody comes looking for the November podfic roundup. I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to do one this month! But I'll be back in December and I'll cover everything I missed. :)

After a one year hiatus, pod_aware will be back this November 10-14 for another Podfic Awareness Week! You can find out more info, and check out the daily themes, at the comm. (Also on dreamwidth and tumblr.)

podficbigbang begins posting next month! Thematic week is Nov. 10-16 and free-for-all posting is Nov. 17-30. There’s still time to sign-up if you’d like to join in, since sign-ups last until Nov. 8.

The Women and Genderqueer First podfic exchange wrapped up on Oct. 4, and you can check out all the podfics on AO3. There was one Supernatural podfic, and it’s linked below in the roundup.

cakehole_club’s Cake Swap podfic exchange finished sign-ups on Sept. 31st, and all assignments are out. You can look for finished gifts in early December!

#ITPE, the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange, finished sign-ups on yesterday and assignments will go out soon; finished gifts will be posted in their official masterlist probably sometime in December.

Not a lot of podfic-related news this time! As always, if I missed something of interest, please let me know. :)

Roundup of SPN & SPN RPF podfics posted September 13, 2014 to October 10, 2014

(I’ve gathered these podfics from amplificathon and spn_cwrpfpodfic. I’ve also included podfics posted only to [community profile] amplificathon; if you posted to both the DW and the LJ communities, I’ve used the LJ links. If you posted at one of these comms between the aforementioned dates, you should be on this list! Additionally, if I remembered a podfic that hasn’t yet been crossposted to these communities, I’ve included links to personal journals. I also tried to catch podfics that were posted only on AO3. Please let me know if I’ve made an error or missed something!)



A Marine Aubade
Author: septembers_coda
Reader: brightly_lit
Rating: PG-13
Length: 00:21:00
Summary: Sam might be lost to the ocean forever. And Dean might have to let him be.

The Master of Fright and a Demon of Light
Author & Reader: faviconbeaches_at_treasure_island
Rating: G
Length: ?
Summary: n/a


Author: favicontifaching
Reader: faviconCatsViolin
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:12:48
Summary: Sam's going to protect his brother, no matter what it takes.

Donut Run & Donuts on the Run
Author: brightly_lit
Reader: sylvia_locust
Rating: PG
Length: 00:18:01
Summary: Soulless Sam wants donuts, and he's going to get them, whatever it takes.

Author: wings128
Reader: thestarkat
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:26:31
Summary: Dean feasted, tasted away the creamy crumbly sweetness from every undiscovered corner of Sam’s mouth, until there was only Sam left; till he could leave his own taste instead...

Northern Birds
Author: roque_clasique
Reader: glovered
Rating: PG-13
Length: 00:39:52
Summary: Sam’s in pain, and so is his brother. Pain is very complicated.


We Break Each Other
Author: faviconentanglednow
Reader: kdheart
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:07:31
Summary: They see the breaks better than anyone else.

Paper Figures
Author: faviconJinxedAmbitions
Reader: faviconLitra
Rating: G
Length: 00:08:52
Summary: Cas doesn't know who keeps leaving him little origami figures.

This Is Us
Author: faviconentanglednow
Reader: kdheart
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:09:17
Summary: Castiel is going to save him.

I Will Take Your Pleasure and Your Main
Author: faviconentanglednow
Reader: kdheart
Rating: Dean/Castiel
Length: 00:18:39
Summary: It’s like going mad, or dying, or both.

Sam Winchester Does Not Panic (Probably)
Author: faviconambersagan
Reader: faviconPencilSketchS
Rating: G
Length: 1.5 to 2 hours
Summary: On a witch hunt the boys decide to split up, and things go down hill from there. Suffice to say, Sam is not good with children and Bobby is sick of all their shit. Or, if you prefer; the one where Cas and Dean get caught in a crazy de-aging spell and Sam is left to cope.


This Inexplicable Gravity
Author: faviconAPenToMyHeadImDead
Reader: favicongravityhasnolimit
Rating: G
Length: 00:08:53
Summary: During and after the events of First Born, Sam and Castiel find themselves pulling towards each other, yearning for the gentle touch of the other. Castiel cannot explain why he feels what he does, but he knows exactly what he feels about Sam Winchester.


He Lays Down His head On Your Pillow at Night — WAGFAPE
Author: favicontigriswolf
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairings: Sam/Ruby and Sam/Dean
Rating: mature
Length: 00:38:21
Summary: You gave him his crown, his scepter, his throne, and his kingdom to rule as he sees fit.

Badfic Idol podfics from Wincon 2013
Authors/Readers/Pairings: various
Rating: n/a
Length: n/a
Summary: Three readings of badfics from Badfic Idol at Wincon 2013.



Under Electric Candlelight
Author & Reader: tipsy_kitty
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:13:44
Summary: Jensen can't quite put a name with the face but he knows he's met the guy, so it's a logical conclusion that Jensen and he have done some drunken fumbling in the dark.

Maybe Someday We’ll Live Our Lives Out Loud
Author: faviconfroggyfun365
Reader: faviconjojothecr
Rating: teen and up
Length: 00:19:06
Summary: Prompt: Secret.

Listen Through Silence
Author: lazy_daze
Reader: applegeuse
Rating: PG-13
Length: 00:58:28
Summary: Essentially: In which Jensen is shy and Jared is smart.

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