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Podfic Roundup for May & June 2015!

[community profile] amplificathon’s yearly Amplificathon challenge has finished up! [personal profile] tinypinkmouse was the overall winner with the most points, and the mods gave out various awards here.

The 6th episode of Auralphonic went live on May 15th, and the timely topic this time is a Showcase of Amplificathon 2015.

The @podfic twitter account—a multifandom account that retweeted various podfic-related announcements and discussions—has closed.

It’s that time of year again: pod_together is back for its 2015 round! Remember, this is the challenge that pairs authors and podficcers together to collaborate on a fanwork. Individual sign-ups opened on May 30th, group sign-ups open on June 6th, and all sign-ups close on June 14th. So if you’re interested in participating, go sign up now or get your group sorted now!

Speaking of podding together, the smaller pt_lightning completed their 7th round on May 31st! You can check out the masterlist here.

[community profile] recsremixesrepods has finished up. Go check out the comm. to see the recs and repods!

spn_cinema is gearing up for another round, and as usual, welcomes podfic! The first round of claims begins June 1st, and the second round begins June 4th. The claiming period is very short, so sign up soon if you’re planning to participate!

Sign-ups for podfic_bingo began back in March. You can request a bingo card until September 1st, and there will be additional monthly challenges for participants.

The enormously talented badbastion is now available to take podfic commissions! Everyone should definitely go over and take her up on her awesome offer. <3

Posting for cakehole_club’s Cakebang challenge begins in the middle of the month, on June 15th! Keep an eye out for the forthcoming long SPN podfics. There’s still time to sign up, if you’d like to join in at the last minute!

In September (just a few months away!), posting for podficbigbang’s Epic Podfic Big Bang will begin. And there’s still lots of time to sign up for that, if you’re inclined to record anything of epic length (75k+ words).

As always, if I've missed anything of interest, please let me know! <3

ETA 6/4/14: There's an auction going on now to raise money for fellow fan sylsdarkplace during her fight against breast cancer. Please go check it out, consider offering something yourself, or make a bid! There are currently three podfic offers on the table. The bidding lasts until June 7th!

Roundup of SPN & SPN RPF podfics posted April 18, 2015 to May 31, 2015

(I’ve gathered these podfics from amplificathon and spn_cwrpfpodfic. I’ve also included podfics posted only to [community profile] amplificathon; if you posted to both the DW and the LJ communities, I’ve used the LJ links. If you posted at one of these comms between the aforementioned dates, you should be on this list! Additionally, if I remembered a podfic that hasn’t yet been crossposted to these communities, I’ve included links to personal journals. I also tried to catch podfics that were posted only on AO3. Please let me know if I’ve made an error or missed something!)


An Urgent Spate of Gossip
Author: faviconkeerawa
Reader: reena_jenkins
Rating: PG
Length: 00:01:16
Summary: A little more tequila, a little less demon-hunting ... things could've gone a whole other way.

Rakshasi Blues
Author: faviconsister_wolf
Reader: reena_jenkins
Rating: PG
Length: 00:05:30
Summary: Dean is under the influence of an insidiously evil creature.

Hunter Moon
Written & Read By: faviconAxeMeAboutAxinomancy
Rating: teen and up
Length: 01:56:34
Summary: Of course, once you knew magic was real, you had to try it out for yourself, didn't you?


When You Were Young (Again)
Author: dolnmoon
Reader: badbastion
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:16:17
Summary: After Dean has been de-aged, Sam won’t have sex with him but Dean sets out to change that.

Cat’s Cradle
Author: faviconsaltandbyrne
Reader: faviconsilkylustre
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:31:10
Summary: Saltandbyrne's delicious version of curtain fic, with human furniture, the Outback Steakhouse, and brutal, loving BDSM.

Wicked Game — Full Edition
Author: faviconMangacat
Reader: faviconsilkylustre
Rating: explicit
Length: 04:15:07
Summary: Sam tries to thank the stars that his newly demonic brother has apparently decided to fixate on him instead of wreaking havoc all over the country, but he is under no illusion that life with a demonic version of Dean is very likely going to be… well, hell. // Spoilers up to 9x23 and canon-divergent from there! :D


The Boy With The Lovely Soul
Author: badbastion
Reader: badbastion
Rating: PG
Length: 00:03:15
Summary: Castiel sank with relief into Sam's silences.


At Least I Didn’t Mention The Green Punch
Author: faviconqueenklu
Reader: reena_jenkins
Rating: R
Length: 00:06:12
Summary: dugindeep asked for j2, sneaking kisses/bjs/sex/whatever at a party and instead, bb, i give you J2 BABY SHOWER SCHMOOO.


Beckoning A Rage Within
Author: favicontigriswolf
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: PG
Length: 00:02:05
Summary: Crossover with Leverage. The things Alec does with a computer are impossible.

By Firelight
Author: favicontigriswolf
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: PG
Length: 00:04:55
Summary: Crossover with Dark Angel. “Call me Dean,” his older self said, covered in gore. “It’ll keep things simple.”

Game Plan
Author: faviconTieleen
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: PG
Length: 00:05:40
Summary: Crossover with Leverage. "Well let's see, Dean," Sam says, throwing his hands up in exasperation. "It's a day before the full moon tomorrow, so no, I'm thinking your pet werewolf can't come."

Networking 101
Author: faviconTieleen
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: PG
Length: 00:07:10
Summary: Crossover with The Avengers. For the prompt: Supernatural/MCU, Dean +/ any Avenger, Dean has a lot of trouble respecting anybody who willingly wears spandex in public.

The Confession Job
Author: faviconTieleen
Reader: reena_jenkins
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: PG
Length: 00:24:13
Summary: Crossover with Leverage. There's a tiny scrap of a woman leaning against the wall near her. Jo's been too focused on the lack of readings, senses dulled by the white noise of the crowd. She curses herself silently.

You Break It… & sequel Pact
Author: faviconicarus_chained
Reader: faviconkerravon
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: teen
Length: 00:28:11 || 00:24:22
Summary: Crossover with Good Omens and Norse mythology. Because I can't resist GO crossovers. Heimdallr chases Gabriel and Loki into a London bookshop. Things ... do not go quite as he intended, thereafter." Note - this is the Norse god Loki from mythology, not the one from the Avengers, just to be clear.

Urban Legend
Author: faviconMolly
Reader: tinypinkmouse
Pairing: none, gen
Rating: G
Length: 01:27:25
Summary: Crossover with White Collar. Sam and Dean catch a case in the Big Apple -- an overly-haunted mansion stuffed with monsters, Feds and con artists.
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