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Podfic Roundup for July 2015!

Sign-ups for podfic_bingo began back in March. You can request a bingo card until September 1st, and there will be additional monthly challenges for participants.

Sign-ups for hc_bingo began in June. You can request a bingo card until January 3rd.

Sign-ups for [community profile] seasonofkink Bingo began in June. I didn’t see a clear cutoff date for requesting a card, but the challenge ends on September 30th.

There are two new episodes of Auralphonic up: Episode 7: Tips for Newbies and Episode 8: Podfic and Money.

pod_together collaborations begin posting on August 19th!

September will bring with it posting from this year’s rounds of spn_cinema as well as podficbigbang’s Epic Podfic Big Bang. And you can still sign up for the latter, if you’re so inclined! We definitely need more 75k+ podfics in the world. :)

cakehole_club finished up the second round of Cakebang, and you can check out the masterlist here.

As always, if I've missed anything of interest, please let me know! <3

Roundup of SPN & SPN RPF podfics posted June 1st to July 21st, 2015

(I’ve gathered these podfics from amplificathon and spn_cwrpfpodfic. I’ve also included podfics posted only to [community profile] amplificathon; if you posted to both the DW and the LJ communities, I’ve used the LJ links. If you posted at one of these comms between the aforementioned dates, you should be on this list! Additionally, if I remembered a podfic that hasn’t yet been crossposted to these communities, I’ve included links to personal journals. I also tried to catch podfics that were posted only on AO3. Please let me know if I’ve made an error or missed something!)


Author: faviconallforsammy
Reader: faviconhummingfox
Rating: general audiences
Length: 00:14:25
Summary: 8.23 Coda - Sam used to want something for himself. Voicemail and amulet fix-it.

Begin In Innocence
Author: reapertownusa
Reader: angelzfurys
Pairing: none/gen
Rating: mature
Length: 01:08:47
Summary: Dean confronts a monster from his childhood while Sam struggles to understand what happened and how he can help his brother to release the pain of the past.

Author: marinarusalka
Reader: tipsy_kitty
Artist: moonlessnightz
Pairing: none/gen
Rating: PG
Length: 01:25:42
Summary: Sam and Dean investigate a missing-person case in North Carolina, and discover that the situation is weird even by Winchester standards.


Author & Reader: badbastion
Pairing: always-a-girl!Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:26:49
Summary: This is another stupid game to her, Dee teasing her little brother. It’s a prank, it’s a game of chicken, just... upped uncomfortably to include sex.

Title: Undone – part one, part two
Author & Reader: badbastion
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:31:44
Summary: It's hot outside, and Sam thinks skinny-dipping at the lake is the best solution.

The Boy Without Hands
Author: faviconthemegalosaurus
Reader: faviconlitra
Rating: teen and up
Length: 00:51:37
Summary: Cornered, Mary makes a deal with the devil. Fourteen years later, he comes for her youngest son. This is a fairy-tale AU based on the Grimm Brothers' story, The Girl Without Hands.

Odysseus, American
Author: coyotesuspect
Reader: cosmo_naught
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: 01:07:03
Summary: Dean finds Peter O'Toole's recording of the Odyssey in a bin marked “Audio" in Casa Grande's only used bookstore. The place smells like cigarette smoke and old books, and it reminds him of Sam. Stanford era.

The One Left Behind
Author: stripytights
Reader: badbastion
Artist: milly_gal
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: 01:13:47
Summary: When Sam's thirteen and Dean's seventeen, John's hit by a curse that means he can barely function. Sam's desire to settle down turns out to be a monkey's paw of a wish and when he finally gets out, the only thing left to pull him back in is Dean - who doesn't even know what he wants. No underage.

Sam Winchester’s Guide to Blood Magic, or How The Rockies Were Made
Authors & Readers: badbastion & thursdaysisters
Rating: explicit
Length: 04:42:58
Summary: The Apocalypse occurred in 2009 when Sam and Dean accidentally unsealed Lucifer's Cage. Or did it? Dean finds a battered journal recounting events he doesn't remember, Sam finds out that H. P. Lovecraft was a prophet, and this starts them on a path of mystery and mayhem that has them scouring secret government facilities and traveling to Arkham itself to find the answers of this past that never was. // They find the answers, how they averted the Deep Ones' Apocalypse, how they destroyed Cthulhu himself and raised mountain ranges, how they once were together, as they fight robots and monsters and men and their own emerging memories and desires. Sam must fulfill Prophecy and become a Deep God in his own right before they can put things to rest. // Set in (slightly alternate) Season 9 without mention of the MoC, and assuming the Lovecraft episode never existed.

The Last Outpost of All That Is, & coda Not For Samson In The Temple
Authors: eighth_horizon and maygra
Reader: applegeuse
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: 06:31:53
Summary: The world is over, and it’s a Winchester’s lot in life to cope with anything – no matter what. (Note: This story assumes Sam was not killed at the end of season 2 and that Dean never had to make the deal.)


Break and Burn and End
Author & Reader: faviconCastiel_Left_His_Mark_On_Me
Rating: mature
Length: 00:24:13
Summary: Castiel can't escape the old words of his ex ... what to do, what not to do. But it's not until he meets a handsome stranger in a cafe that he thinks he might not need to listen to those words so closely.

Intent and Purpose
Author: faviconpolyamory
Reader: faviconMusicalRaven
Rating: teen and up
Length: 00:41:23
Summary: When Castiel comes to Dean, asking him to act as his fake boyfriend for the weekend, Dean is more than a little surprised, but not reluctant to accompany Castiel and meet his family. It's just for two days after all and he won't let his true feelings for Castiel get in the way, right? Yeah, right.

Found Naked in his Azaleas
Author: faviconmnwood
Reader: faviconlitra
Rating: mature
Length: 01:07:25
Summary: Castiel doesn't mind working a graveyard shift as a security guard. An owl accompanies him to work at night, and he gets to talk to the food truck guy, Dean, when he's heading home in the morning. And yeah, maybe he likes Dean, but relationships never really work for him anyway so why bother.


Don’t Play With Your Food
Author: faviconmithrel
Reader: faviconDemitria_Teague
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:10:55
Summary: Gabriel gets bored.

Last Words
Author: faviconMiniatures
Reader: faviconconsultingcas
Rating: general audiences
Length: 10-20 minutes
Summary: He feels Dean’s eyes on him, but he can’t bring himself to meet his brother’s gaze. His mouth is cotton, his chest scraped raw. He draws back his sleeve and stares, breathing ragged, at the sharp black lettering along his forearm—the last words he’ll ever hear his soulmate say. / “And this is me lying down.”

What Not To Say
Author: faviconGreyMichaela
Reader: faviconconsultingcas
Rating: general audiences
Length: 10-20 minutes
Summary: Sam and Gabriel have been dating for months and when Gabe finally works up the courage to ask Sam to have sex with him, Sam turns ashen and has to find a way to tell Gabe he’s asexual.

Follow Me Down
Author: faviconentanglednow
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:28:00
Summary: “Are you actually worried about me? That's kind of funny and something I'll no doubt mock you for endlessly later.”

Be A Good Boy
Author: faviconAria_Lerendeair
Reader: faviconlitra
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:28:46
Summary: Gabriel has Sam tied up and watches while he gets fucked by a fucking machine. Then gives him a facial when Sam begs for it. PWP


Author & Reader: firesign10
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:21:00
Summary: Jensen's moved to Austin, and Jared wants to make plans. He just needs some supplies . . . and a little inspiration.

Author: ashtraythief
Reader: tipsy_kitty
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:24:21
Summary: Jared really can’t help his dirty thoughts, not when the meeting is so boring and Jensen so pretty. And if he has to suffer through this, well, he’ll make sure Jensen is right there with him.

The Silver Thorn
Author: firesign10
Reader: tipsy_kitty
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:28:44
Summary: Jared and Jensen go out on their third date. Jensen takes Jared to a member's-only sex club called The Silver Thorn. He's anxious to share something very private and special with Jared, but nervous about how Jared will react.

The Twain Shall Meet
Author: brutti_ma_buoni
Reader: tipsy_kitty
Artist: reena_jenkins
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Length: 01:47:53
Summary: Relative innocent Jared meets tired, cynical Jensen, into whose care he has been entrusted - in another world where courts are castles and the Restoration is non-literally replayed. We're talking vaguely fantasy swashbuckling territory with seventeenth century undertones if you spot that kind of thing.


Supernaturally Enchanted
Author: faviconAnnehiggins
Reader: faviconlitra
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Madison, Sam/Anna
Rating: mature
Length: 04:12:00
Summary: Dean falls into the land of Angelasia. There he meets a handsome prince who may be his True Love – not that he believes in that crap. An AR set toward the end of a very different second season.

Yes I Can Hear You
Author: faviconAria_Lerendeair
Reader: faviconlitra
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel
Rating: explicit
Length: 00:50:28
Summary: Gabriel was a problem. A serious fucking problem. It wasn’t the pranks, or changing the music in his car to whatever he liked (though that was a serious problem now that he was thinking about it). No. The problem was that Gabriel was a tease. A huge one.

The Fourth Wall
Author: faviconentanglednow
Reader: faviconlitra & faviconTheNonBinaryBard
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer
Rating: mature
Length: 04:14:06
Summary: It's all Sam's fault, really. It had just been research. Then it got way out of hand. Or, in which, fanfiction takes over their lives for better and for worse.

A Rimirar Le Stelle
Author: faviconwhit_merule
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Pairings: Dean/Gabriel, Gabriel/Castiel, Dean/Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: mature
Length: 05:19:11
Summary: Set after the season 7 finale. A Purgatory fairytale. Castiel and Dean find Gabriel in Purgatory. Though he has neither shape nor memories, he joins his path to theirs, as they all try to make their way out of the woods.
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