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Ask the Author - chash

So, uh, hi! I'm Chash, and I guess I am answering some questions today! First I will ramble at y'all for a little while, which should prepare you for the epic amounts of rambling that will almost certainly follow in my comments. Get excited!

I have been in fandom for a depressingly long time--my first fandom was Gargoyles when I was, like, nine or something and my brother told me people wrote stories about Elisa and Goliath on the internets. I started writing my own fanfic when I was twelve and living in England and had no friends. As one does! So if you ever want to read a ton of poorly written Babylon 5 fanfic with horrible Mary Sues, uh. Don't actually ask me. I'm hoping it's been purged from the internet. I was introduced to slash around 2001 with Gundam Wing and have been reading and writing it ever since.

Supernatural I only got into pretty late in the game. I was never that interested in it given: 1. I am a total wuss and 2. I thought the guys were more funny-looking than hot.

...yeah that was quite the special reversal. ANYWAY when I was moving this summer I knew I'd be without net for a while so I downloaded the first season of Supernatural for reasons I no longer remember and tried it out. I didn't really get hooked until season two, but then I did, and it was all pretty much a downward spiral from there. Which brings us to today!

I spent a while trying to figure out some logical and rational way to pick what fics to link, and then I cried a little and gave up. My fanfic journal is longsufferingly! I believe the fic I'm best known for is Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam, which is a J2 AU. Other than that, some other fics of mine that I like include:

But What Are Your Thoughts on Yaoi (SPN/Bones crossover, Sam/Dean)
The Marrying Kind (Sam/Dean)
And Still So Many Things I Want To Say (SPN gen)
I Fought the Battle of Trinidad and Tobago (J2)
Arguing on the Internet Is Like... (J2)
When You Care Enough to Hit Send (J2 AU college 'verse)

I think that about covers it. So...ask away, I guess!
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