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Ask the Author: Ygrawn

So, oxoniensis asked me to participate in this month’s Ask the Author. Of course, by participate she actually meant be the author, which is overwhelming, but I’ll try my best. It seems most people do a little précis of their entry into fanfic, and then into SPN, so…

I’ve been writing fanfiction since about 1999. (When I stopped to think about it I realised it will be TEN YEARS AGO this May.) I wrote for Dawson’s Creek, which is pretty embarrassing now, but no point denying your roots, right? There was a long gap when I wrote nothing and wondered if I ever would again, until I started writing fic for The West Wing, which is not even a little bit embarrassing.

I watched the Pilot episode of Supernatural with my sister, because there appeared to be hot boys, so we were in. We weren’t crazy-insane for it but it ran in a timeslot when there wasn’t much else on, so we kept watching. It was around Shadow that I got with the program, although I can’t say why it took all that time.

Fortunately, any number of brilliant people had already felt the love, so I gorged myself sick on the fic that was already out there, and eventually stumbled onto wincest. I remember reading Blurry by poisontaster, getting all dry-mouthed and thinking, wow, that’s all kinds of awesome. (I re-read it when I went to retrieve the link and it still is.)

In the past year and a bit, the boys have overwhelmingly dominated my output, almost exclusively Dean/Sam, with a few gen stories along the way. I love J2 fic, but I’ve only written one J2 story. I’m probably most known for:-

Second Glance [John POV, Dean/Sam, NC-17, 4600]
and the complications you could do without [Dean/Sam, R, 5100]
There Is No Such Place [Dean, Sam, PG-13, 4000]

The full list of my SPN stories can be found here (the fandoms are listed alphabetically, so just scroll down.)

I will endeavour to answer your questions in a timely fashion, so ask away, no matter how technical or trivial!
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