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Ask the Author: mediaville

Hi all! I’m mediaville, and I’m your friendly neighborhood spnroundtable Ask the Author for July. I’m not a very prolific writer, having only written six fics in this fandom, all J2 RPS, but I’m happy to be here and chat with you guys! I tend to lean towards first-time slash stories that are mostly excuses for porning up gorgeous boys.

Since there are only a few, I’ll list out my J2 fics in the order that I wrote them:

I pretty much popped my cherry with Backstory - my first J2, my first RPS and my first slash fic. It was inspired by a photo of Jared taken the day after Jensen’s 30th birthday at a basketball game, in which he looked all cranky and hungover.

Mother Knows Best is one of those first-time epiphany stories wherein Jensen’s mom (and Chad) gently nudge the boys together.

My favorite story is IDK, my BFF Jensen, which is about the boys were texting and calling each other while shooting their respective movies over summer hiatus last year. They’re never physically together in the story, which made it both challenging and fun to write.

Win-Win Situation is your basic “plot device made us do it” story, where the boys lose a bet and have to kiss on camera. It’s not my favorite fic, but there is one particular kissing scene in this story that I loooooooove. Bonus points if you can guess which one.

If You’re Into It is a sequel of sorts to Mother Knows Best. There really wasn’t any porn in the first fic, and once I had gotten my feet wet with NC-17 in Win-Win, I knew that had to be rectified.

Which brings us to Lost and Found, written for this year’s spn_j2_bigbang. This is the longest fic I’ve ever written, my only AU, and definitely both my most loved and hated J2 fic. Possibly the most impressive aspect of this story is the amount of discussion it inspired, both positive and negative. For me, both the writing process and the reader response has been really unexpected (in a good way.)

Those are all of my J2 fics to date, but if you’re interested in reading any of my non-SPN related fics, you can find them all here.

I’m happy to answer questions or just chat, so please, post away!
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