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Ask the Artist - wanttobeatree

Why hello! I’m wanttobeatree and missyjack very kindly invited me to come be your Ask the Artist this month, so here I am!

So, A BIT ABOUT ME: I began drawing fanart when I was ten - when I dedicated far too many hours of my life to drawing Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley with impractical and gravity-defying hairstyles – and over the ensuing years I’ve drawn bits and pieces for a vast array of fandoms. When I wasn’t busying myself with ridiculous hair (or elves. I drew a lot of elves, too), I studied art at GCSE and then at A level. Like most fanartists, I think, I’ve been artistically inclined pretty much all my life. (I’ve also ingested an impressive amount of paint.)

However, despite licking so many paintbrushes, I didn’t really consider the possibility that I could be an actual fanartist until I did my first Big Bang art in ’08 for fleshflutter (here), after which I decided it was about damn time I learnt how to use my tablet properly. It’s an ongoing mission. I’ve been using Open Canvas ever since I first gave this ~digital art~ thing a whirl, partly because the trial version was free and you can – slightly illegally – keep using it after said trial runs out, but mostly because it’s glorious and wonderful. On the downside, I have no idea how the bloody thing actually works, so I’ve been making everything up as I go along. (You should have seen my face when I first worked out how to use layers. My goodness.)

Anyway, my most favourite things in the world to draw are Sam/Jared’s nose, Dean/Jensen’s eyebrows (IN SPACE!) and Castiel/Misha’s crazy eyes. (Warning: last picture contains Chad Michael Murray.) One day I will probably combine all three and traumatise my entire flist. The majority of the art I draw is when I’m feeling grumpy and need to cheer myself up via ridiculous cartoons, but recently I’ve begun edging my way into the world of Serious Fanart, so who knows what the future holds.

I do have an art tag but it’s disastrously disorganised I’m going to save you all the trouble of poking through it and just link to a few of my favourite pieces here:

So, um. I have run out of words! Any questions/comments/concerns? :D
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