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Ask the Artist - glockgal

HALLO! I'm glockgal, and I was asked by lovely oxoniensis to do Ask the Artist!

me Me ME!
I've been a fanartist for a long time, in a lot of different fandoms, whice gave me a chance to play with multiple styles - comicbook, realism, cartoony & more. I got into Supernatural right at S1 and loved it. Since then, the series has taken a backseat in my fandom space, but I still enjoy drawing the Winchester boys. That said, my SPN art is all Sam and Dean (or Jsquared), but I do like the other characters as well.

The medias I use most are pencil, ink+watercolour and digital. I can honestly say I like all three equally, for different reasons. I'm not fancy with my drawing tools; it doesn't take $$$ to be a fanartist, just lots of practice!

When I colour, I use two design tips which can be used for all design/art:
1) Complementary colours - colours that are opposite on the colour wheel often go very well together. Yellows/oranges and purples/indigos are my fave!

2) Warm and cool colours - basically, if you want your foreground to 'punch out' from the background, use a pale/limited, cooler palette for the bg and a dark/brighter, warmer palette for the fg. Dean here will demonstrate for me:

ooooooohh spooky cemetary!

When I work digitally, I have an Intuos 3 and I use Photoshop CS2. My default workspace:

All of my art is posted on my art comm glockart. And it's all tagged, yay!
SPN Fanart tag- Please browse and enjoy!

Hands down, my favourite would have to be the collaborative effort on my spn_j2_bigbang entry. I collab'd with reallycorking on the triptych, and I'm still in love with our result. [Sam and Dean AU]

I have to say - I really love how welcoming the SPN fandom is to hand-drawn fanart. Generally, I find media-based fandoms to be uninterested in fanart that's hand-drawn (for obvious reasons, given that the fandoms are so visual); but Supernatural has always been receptive to fanartists pushing the boundaries of media fanart - comics strips, chibis, portraits, cartoony, stylised...such a thriving fanart community. Thank you!

Please feel free to ask me anything about my fanart on SPN or otherwise! I love sharing techniques, tips, tricks and shortcuts. LOVE IT. NO REALLY.
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