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picture post #7 ¬ women in supernatural

Hi, it's time for the picture post again and for this month I thought we could talk about our favorite female characters. I know it's not the easiest theme and I don't want bashing or anything. Quite the opposite, I want you to talk about those times the writers had done it right, because let's be honest too, there had been really awesome, smart, kick-ass women through all five seasons of the show and I want you to think about that. C'mon, let's celebrate those characters!

Either regular girls, kick-ass hunters or interesting creatures we've had plenty of portrays in the show and a lot of the time these women had affected Sam and Dean in some way yet I think a lot of them stand on their own. I've got a lot of favorites actually so I'm not including all of them in here but yeah, I think sometimes it's pretty satisfying to see these characters come by and observe the effect they had in the boys and also in the story.

So, what about you? I'm sure you have a favorite character, one that maybe you're hoping will be back sometime or maybe you just loved the way she acted and how awesome she was. C'mon, tell me! And bonus points if you include a picture :D And please (pleeeeease!!) do not bash anybody and respect each other. And have fun!
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