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H/C Meme Gems

Oh my god, I love h/c memes. So this week I'm doing a "best of" type deal, and reccing you some of my favorite fics that have come out of my favorite h/c memes. But each of these memes are absolutely TREASURE TROVES for h/c addicts like myself, and there is a TON of quality fic in there, so this is kind of a sneaky way of reccing like, a hundred bajillion fics at once. It was hard narrowing this down -- I wanted to rec at least ten for each one, but tried to limit myself to 3. I really urge you to explore the meme master lists, if you haven't already done so.

1. Coming out of
rei17 's H/C meme
over at spn_hurtcomfort (this meme in particular is a BEAST of ficcage, guys)
we have...

i_speak_tongue, with the prompt Dean, Sam, gen, S1-4: Dean hurts his hands or his arms and can't use them and Sam has to feed him and shave him and tuck him in and tie his sneakers and button up his little flannel shirts], [Part 2]. [Part 3]. [Part 4a]. [Part 4b]
This is set pre-Stanford, and Dean's frustration and hurt (emotional and physical) just radiates off the screen. She took a silly prompt and really made it resonate, and the comfort, when it comes, has been so longed-for that it's incredibly satisfying but still painful. I LOVE THIS fic.

bellatemple, with the prompt Narcoleptic!Dean], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
This is also pre-series and we get to see teen!Dean falling asleep all over the place, which is suuuppperr cute, and smart little Sam is a joy. 'Bella has a narcoleptic friend, so this has the added bonus of being very well-researched, besides fantastically written.

riverbella , with the prompt Dean, Sam, John (gen): Dean loses an eye and has to re-learn hunting stuff with his new, altered depth perception.
Great characterization, well-written and so freakin' charming. I cooed at my computer, I did. Sam is all kinds of awesome, and c'mon, Dean with an eyepatch... you'd have to be STONE to resist that.

(um, you're probably gonna notice, so i may as well admit -- yes, these fics were all based on my prompts. But that's not why I'm reccing them!!!! I'm reccing them because they are spectacular)

2. Coming out of
the Dean-Centric H/C meme over at hoodie_time
we have...

First, by hansons_angel , from the prompt, Gen - Dean takes Sam to the ER or a clinic because he's injured and a doctor or nurse there finds out Dean is actually very sick with bronchitis/pneumonia and ends up having to get him on oxygen and admit him to the hospital. Dean is more concerned about his brother.
A fantastic example of the much-loved protective!Dean ignoring-his-own-injuries trope. The brothers' interactions are spot-on.

Broken Dean Manual, Sections 3.4 (jaw) and 8.2 (blenders) by anonymous, for the prompt Dean has to have his broken jaw wired shut. He aint a happy hunter.
This is so funny and adorable. Darn anonymous -- I'd totally stalk you if you'd tell me your name.

2 for the same prompt! Dean has a bad back and it hurts.
You've Gotta Give a Little :part 1, part 2 by anon. OMG gen massage!fic. Joy!
The bare essentials by demonic_fish. Angsty Dean 'n' Cas.

Someone, god knows who, asked for Sam and Dean meet after not seeing each other for a loooooong time (for some reason of your choice), and Dean's permanently injured in some way and Sam is kind of shocked. Bonus points for a leg injury.
And the resulting comment-fic has been turned into a 'verse for the spn_30snapshots challenge.
Walking on Unsteady Groundby pedal_blur , currently 2/30 chapters.
This is a lovely Dean and Sam hangin' out at Stanford fic, angsty and delicious. The attention to detail is great, and the dialogue is awesome.

3. Coming out of
girlmostlikely 's Post-S3 Meme
we have...

audrarose , for the prompt Sam/Dean, post-Hell, the journey back has cost Dean his eyesight and has left Sam scarred.
This is a stunning, evocative ficlet, that, despite the pain and hurt, left me feeling all swoony and peaceful. Brilliant.

azephirin, for the prompt Gen, post-Hell, Sam quotes Churchill while on a hunt.
This is very short, and honestly there's not too much h/c -- but the use of the prompt is just too good to ignore. It could have been funny, but it's not -- it's poignant and lovely and comforting.

missyjack, for the prompt Sam/Dean, post-Hell, scars
A commenter described the feeling of this ficlet as "reverent," and I agree. It packs an incredible emotional punch and is poetic without taking a nosedive into melodrama.

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