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ask the author - arlad

Hi, guys! I’m arlad and maerhys invited me to do this month’s Ask the Author, which made me feel very shocked, very flattered and ridiculously nervous, but here I am.

I suppose I’ll start by talking a bit about me and my fandom experience: I’m in my very early twenties, I’m a Law student, and I’m Mexican, though I’ve always written in English – writing fanfiction was an amazing learning curve for style, grammar, etc.

I started reading fanfiction when I was 12 – Lord of the Rings, a great start for reading but a very intimidating one for writing – and I’ve never stopped since, reading LoTR (where my preference for slash eventually started, too, through Legolas/Aragorn), ER, Buffy, Alexander, and finally writing for Brokeback Mountain and Queer as Folk before I serendipitously left the TV on the WB and Bad Day at Black Rock was playing. I’d seen some QaF writers I loved writing Supernatural but it wasn’t until that one episode made me laugh, worry and care about Sam and Dean that I decided to give it a shot… and the rest is history, a history that includes mainlining seasons 1 and 2 in a weekend, spending a few sleepless nights going through epic rec lists of Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen stories and generally falling in love with this damn show, its actors, and the wonderful people in its fandom.

Since then, though very intimidated by the sheer amount of talent around, I’ve written quite a few stories, even attempting BigBang, which was challenging and amazing and sleep-depriving. I’ve basically written Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen with one gen exception; as to the type of stories I write, well, I have a thing for trying to fix things between Sam and Dean so a lot of my stories serve as episode codas, and basically all of my J2 one-shots are absolute schmoop – schmoop that has mutated, even, since at least three of my alleged one-shots have become ‘verses.

My best stories are probably these; at least, they’re my favorites:

Between Miles and a Stone's Throw (J2, NC-17, written for spn_j2_bigbang)
Such Great Heights (J2, NC-17)
The Mindless Euthanasia of a Kiss (J2, R)

Fall Into Me (Sam/Dean, R, post 4.10)
A Home After the End of the World (Sam/Dean, PG-13, post-series)

All my fic can be found here. Send any and all questions my way, comments, random observations – I’m an open book :D
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