May 20th, 2009

fandom: spn amazed by the mathematics

Picture Post #1: Guess the Doodle

Introducing a new, regular feature: picture posts. clex_monkie89, lazy_daze, sunshineclouds or I will be hosting these once a month. Sometimes they'll be pictorial meta or picspams, sometimes captioning images or guessing episodes. We're hoping to bring you a good variety of posts, some fun, some serious, some pretty.

Anyway, seeing as we're still recovering from the season finale, I thought we'd start off this month with something silly!

What we want you to do: draw your favourite scene, post your 'masterpiece' in the comments, then see who can guess the scene.

Before you start thinking sadly that you can't draw, that doesn't matter! Everyone can manage stick figures, even me! Or you can draw your characters as tomatoes or rabbits if you want to. Or, even, if you're artistic, recognisable characters! You're not limited to one favourite scene - draw as many as you like, just make a new thread for each new picture.

N.B. There might be spoilers for all seasons in the comments!