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Recs from Round 2 of salt_burn_porn

The second round of salt_burn_porn is more than halfway over, and much like the first round, has produced some seriously smoking hot fics on very short deadlines. As you might already know, each author gets 24 hours from when they are tagged to write a fic and since most of us are not independently wealthy or robots, we tend to have to do things like go to work or school or sleep during those hours as well, leaving us limited time to write. I can attest that I wrote my entry for salt_burn_porn this round in four hours and I'm sure others have had similar limits!

Even with these short timeframes - and in my mind, sometimes because of them, - the writers in this fandom have produced some great fics for the challenge, of every flavor and offering so much diversity while always sharing that one key factor: THEY ARE REALLY HOT. The beauty of the ones I'm reccing here are that they are not just hot, they are also clever, funny, touching, emotionally charged and offer up some moments and scenes you won't soon forget.

Night Blind by memphis86 | Sam/Dean | NC-17 | 4,463 words

"Take them off," Sam breathes as he runs his fingers along Dean's shoulder and around to his neck. One hand holding steady there, and the other tracing the lines of Dean's face; running around his cheeks and gentle around the cuts and scrapes along his forehead, the bruise where his head hit the steering wheel. Dean kisses the back of Sam's hand and he feels the definite smile along his skin this time.

"Whatever you say, Sam." And Dean reaches down to Sam's jeans, tugging them down lower and lower.

we burst into colors (colors and carousels) by lazy_daze | Jared/Jensen (AU) | NC-17 | ~2,300 words

He can see someone in front of him, a shape that's outlined for a second in a flash of light, who seems separate from the rest of the crowd, a separate being from the hot beautiful sweaty amazing mess of humanity that Jensen's swimming in. The figure is tall, coming closer, broad bare chest, strong shoulders, painted across in violently bright flashes of color as the lights whirl around them. Glitter sparkles in swipes over the man's chest as it is smeared over Jensen's, like it is everyone's, like the air is soaked with it, condensing on skin like water.

drag it through the garden by regala_electra | Sam/Dean | R | 1,304 words

Ham to the face? Is really fucking funny especially when the piece of ham kind of sticks there for a while until it finally slides off, landing with a wet thump.

Sure, Dean pays for that later with a position that from now on he will refer to as Noah’s boy on bread.

It’s probably one of the kinkiest things he’s ever done with ham, only it’s only in the top ten of stuff he’s done with Sam.

Fill A Space In Which Two Bodies Float by neros_violin | Sam/Dean | R | 5,600 words |

Sam’s breath catches as Dean’s abs clench and release under the smooth trail his hands are following, and he’s not going to look up, he’s not because it’s one thing to read someone’s body language and it’s quite another to see it in their face, so he lets his hair fall into his eyes – that old trick – and continues his southward momentum, scrubbing gently as best he can without a rag because they’re only supposed to use their hands for this.

Know when to walk away and know when to run by deirdre_c | Sam/Dean | NC-17 | ~4,100 words

The silence that stretches out between them seems strong enough to vibrate the walls of the motel room until finally, finally Dean leans up and kisses him. Slowly, carefully, as if he was something fragile, as if Sam didn’t scare people with his size when he walked in the room, as if he wasn’t hard and scarred like the mercenary Dad taught him to be, as if Sam hadn’t freed Lucifer and brought Hell to earth, as if he’d never failed Dean. As if he was precious.

Enjoy, and don't forget to let the authors know you did! ♥
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