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Ask the Artist

Hi, I'm Gnat. oxoniensis invited me to post, and I am so flattered to be here! If you've heard of me at all, it's probably from The ABCs of Demon Hunting. I have a gallery of Supernatural art here, and a gallery of other fandoms here.

I've been watching Supernatural from the beginning, but I didn't get involved in the fandom until sometime last fall. Round about the time we met Ash and his "CLOWNS. WHAT THE F-." Aww. This is my first tv fandom, and it presents some issues I haven't considered before. (How closely do I want to emulate the visual style of the canon? Which traits belong to the characters and which to the actors who portray them?) It's been really interesting, seeing how different people deal with that.

I draw almost entirely in digital media. Partly because I find it unfair that the real world lacks an undo button, when I need one so desperately. And partly because I get such a kick out of fiddling with new software. Like -- ok, I realize that this is a questionable artistic decision, but -- I tend to evaluate software on the basis of its sound effects. I'm not kidding. I mean, ArtRage goes "glub glub." Glub glub! You cannot beat that with a stick.

My biggest art kink is probably fictional ephemera, but I'm also crazy about parodies and takeoffs. I find myself talking about the process of things a whole bunch, and I love it when other people share theirs. The story of the process holds so much more meaning for me than just the end product; there's so much more context to appreciate.

So! Talk to me if you're so inclined. I should tell you, though, that I'm not really an Artist With Answers so much as I am a Goofball With Tablet. But I always enjoy chatting about art in general and SPN in particular.
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