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J2 non-AU H/C: four recs.

I love hurt/comfort, and so I love what an h/c fandom SPN is, with at least three coms completely devoted to h/c!

So, when I thought I’d do a rec list of hurt/comfort fic, I immediately realized that there were so many fantastic h/c stories in this fandom that I needed narrow my parameters some.

First, I decided I’d only do RPS for this post.

Then, I decided I’d limit it to non-AU J2—basically, fics that take place on-set in Vancouver or back in LA.

Then, I decided I’d limit the list to physical illnesses—sick!fic, rather than stories focusing on injury or mental illness.

And still I’m leaving so many things out!

But, without further ado, here are four fics from the surprisingly vast subgenre delimited above. You’ll probably notice I like a particular kind of thing: slow-moving UST or established relationship; a high comfort to hurt ratio; and lots of emphasis on the more mundane aspects of comfort/care-taking.

2 sick!Jensen

Not Moving Mountains by audrarose (J2, NC-17)

Author’s summary: Written for Sweet Charity and the wonderful destina, who asked me for "J2 non-AU comfortfic. Of any sort. As long as it's warm and fuzzy in the end. And has lots of touching." :D

This is one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction ever (and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way). It’s just perfect h/c. Jensen gets sick right before Christmas hiatus, Jared stays in Vancouver to look after him, and things develop from there. Incredibly sweet without ever being sticky—just loving, lovable, clueless boys.

Chickenpox by embroiderama (J2, pg-13)

Author’s summary: Filming done for the season, Jensen headed back to L.A. alone. the only problem was that the Supernatural set had left him with a troublesome parting gift.

This is #6 in embroiderama’s series of “J2 hurt/comfort indulgence” fics—and the only sad thing about that is that it means there are only four more to come! The stories aren’t connected, but they are all wonderful. I picked this one because it has awesome!JDM—a character embroiderama writes beautifully.

2 sick!Jared

In sickness and health by callistosh65 (no rating given—I’d say pg-13)

Author’s summary: “Jared Padalecki with stomach flu” and “it's set about two months after the guys started living together. It is Jensen/Jared, but it's more of a pre-slash, lightbulb!fic.”

This has a beautiful, slow build—not only of Jensen realizing his feelings for Jared, but of his gaining confidence as a caretaker. So much aww while never going out of character or over the top.

The Self-Importance of Being Jensen by vicious_trade (J2 NC-17)

Author’s summary: In the summer hiatus before season five of Supernatural, Jensen has a lot on his plate. It's hotter than hell outside. There's an extremely impatient girlfriend waiting for him in LA. Jared's under the weather and leaving a trail of life-sucking germs throughout the house. Plus, not to mention, the all-encompassing inner battle to 'do the right thing'. Whatever the hell that is.

This is a slightly darker, angstier take on the h/c scenario, and a compelling one, using illness a really interesting lever on the relationship between the Js.

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