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Chat: points of view

I'm hoping there are still some Supernatural fans around, and that not everyone's gone into spoilerfree hibernation!

This month's chat is all about point of view. It's usually one of the first things we notice when we start a story, whether consciously (particularly if it's first or second person point of view) or subconsciously.

We might not always think a lot about it, but the point of view chosen can play a huge role in the form of a story. It can dictate who much we, the reader, know at any given time. It can colour our viewpoint of certain characters. It can distance us, or draw us right into the action. And sometimes it can be a difficult thing for writers to master.

So a writer has choices. Sometimes the decisions are instinctive – a story 'feels' right written from a particular point of view – sometimes it's a stylist or plot choice, and sometimes it's a difficult decision to make.

As readers or writers, do you have preferences? Do you shy away from reading first or second person stories? Do you find some characters' point of view more rewarding to read than others, and are some a particular challenge to write? How about narrators or outside points of view?

As ever, do chat to each other on the post, butt into threads, make it a real chat. And don't feel you have to stick to the questions in the post – they're just starter questions to get some thoughts going. So chat away! (But would you keep it spoilerfree for anything regarding next season, please, or HP for that matter *g* - thanks!)
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