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Recs: crossovers

I have a soft spot for good crossovers, so here are fourteen I've enjoyed. Het, slash (wincest and other), and gen, hopefully something for all tastes.


Like This by xaara [Supernatural/Friday Night Lights, Dean, Tim, PG, 1,411 words]
Excellent character voices, with a hot and sleepy summer feel to it.
Some kid's dad gone missing and it's like the entire town suddenly cares about not-football. Kinda freaks Tim out, he thinks about it too hard, so he doesn't.

Rolling In Your Sleep by apocalypsos [Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy, John Winchester, Denny, Izzie, PG, 645 words]
This is a clever little story, not at all what I expected it to be. Jossed now, as it was written pre-season 2, but still an interesting read.
It takes a dozen messages before Denny gets a response, a curt growl on his voicemail demanding to know what he wants.

Overheated by teand [Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dean, Cordelia, PG-13ish 2,056 words]
A neat little chance meeting, this, and good character voices. (I wasn't quite sure whether to place this in het or gen...)
She's talking to the car as though she expects it to understand her. The car itself, a 1997 Chrysler Cirrus LXi , 4 door, is nothingmuch – he reaches down and pats the glossy black fender he's leaningagainst – but he likes that she has a personal relationship with it.


Consenting Adults by femmenerd [Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, adult, 950 words]
In my last set of recs, I reccommended a Dean/Faith story by femmenerd. Her Sam/Buffy is wonderful too!
Watchers, Buffy thinks, are supposed to wear glasses. Glasses and tweed and speak in British-guy accents. Times they are a-changing though...

Fifteen Percent Concentrated Power of Will by musesfool [Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dean/Faith, Sam, adult, 2,898 words]
Hot like a hot thing, and well paced - Dean and Faith meet and move on and meet again, it's who they are.
"You're pretty good with a stick," he says. She grins, mouth red and lush around sharp, white teeth. "Baby, you have no idea."

Kissing Lessons by dotfic [Supernatural/Some Kind of Wonderful, Dean/Watts, mild R, 4,117 words]
Very cool crossover idea, and well executed too. An outsider point of view casefile, and a girl's first kiss.
Watts lied to Keith about how she learned how to kiss.

How to Fix Things by apocalypsos [Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy, Denny/Izzie, John Winchester, PG-13, 1,122 words]
An excellent play on the Denny Duquette and John Winchester likeness.
Dennis John Duquette is the name of your grandfather on your mother's side, so you figure it's a good alias when you first go to the hospital complaining of chest pains.

Slash and het:

I Lost You (But I Found Country Music) by minervacat [Supernatural/Due South/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis/Angel/Smallville, Dean/Ray K, Dean/Lilah, Dean/Chloe, Dean/John Sheppard, Dean/Faith, Sam, NC-17, 9,067 words]
Some of the crossovers worked better for me than others, but it's beautifully written, and the Sam interludes are very telling.
Five people Dean Winchester fucked in, on, or near the Impala, and five conversations he had with his little brother.


Slither by girl_wonder and dopplegl (artist) [Supernatural/Angel, Dean/Lindsey, adult, 4,990 words]
I love this pairing, and this story makes the most of the dangerousness of them both.
The guy, with a sort of off country hick look, stared at him,then his car. Said nothing, but went back to his beer with one long up and down look that would have meant something else in a city, but here it probably just meant, "I could take you." Dean thought he couldn't ,but he also knew off and he knew that anything off probably meant evil.

Untitled by thisisbone [Supernatural/Friday Night Lights, Dean/Tim, Billy, adult, 1,036 words]
I particularly enjoyed seeing Dean and Tim from Billy's point of view - touching. As a bonus, a lovely manip of the pairing by killabeez.
The fucker made Tim laugh. Tim, whose laugh was so rusty Billy almost didn't recognize it. "I'm good," was all Tim said.

Of Comfort No Man Speak by musesfool [Supernatural/Angel, Sam/Connor, adult, 1,900 words]
Two kindred souls – it's the sort of crossover you read and find hard to believe it's the first time you've read that pairing because it seems so obvious.
"Family, man," Connor says, "they really fuck you up."

On Taking It Like A Bitch... by phaballa [Supernatural/The O.C., Seth/Ryan, Sam, R, 5,342 words]
Like the previous story, this is a Stanford era story, and it's no stretch of the imagination to picture it.
They get drunk in Seth and Sam's room because it's farthest from the R.A., and sometimes Seth comes home with a bag of weed and they stay high until Sunday afternoon, when it's time to start crash studying for classes the next day.

Charm City by hth_the_first [Supernatural/Homicide: Life on the Streets, Sam/Tim Bayliss, adult, 7,630 words]
Don't be put off reading this if you aren't familiar with Homicide – I've never seen an episode, but the story still worked wonderfully well for me.
"I’m just saying, you shouldn’t go too bargain-bin, you know? It’s Baltimore, but still, you’re a good-looking guy; you can buy retail. Hey, you’re a Winchester, right?”

Slash inc Dean/Sam:

What Kind of Day Has It Been by skewedview and scarlett_o [Supernatural/Sports Night, Dean/Sam, Dan/Casey, teen, 3,228 words]
Supernatural and Sorkinese - my wet dream! An amusing casefile.
“So you think it’s a ghost.” “I do.” “So what are we going to do about it?” “I’m going to call a guy.” “You’re going to call a guy?” “I am.” “You know a guy who can take care of this?” “I do.”

ETA: There are more crossover recs, by pocketfullof here - I've just realised that I've duplicated two of them, but they're good, so I'll leave them! But if you want more, and missed the previous post, go and check those out too.
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