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Prompt-and-Fill session #2 -- Tis the season!

Welcome back to prompt-and-fill, our very own version of fandom's endlessly entertaining commentfic meme!

Each month, we will throw down a theme designed to span both SPN & RPF genres. We will then ask you, the participant, to prompt your fellow writers & artists with ideas, au tropes, lines of song/verse, a line of dialogue, word banks, some scene you are dying to read, etc.

After you've prompted, fill someone else's prompt! The idea is to stretch your mind as far as you need; to feel free to respond with any idea at all. It's a way to jog your creativity, to keep its action clicking in some small way.

Responses are completely open, so think wide broad and deep: a sentence, drabble, paragraph, 5k, fanmix, vid, painting, photo edit, macro, manip, icon set, stick figure comic, ms paint drawing, dialogue exchange, haiku, limerick, etc. would not be out of place here!

Previous challenges:
Prompt-and-fill #1: Truth & Lies.

Session #2: "Tis the Season!"

promote on your flist, and get others to join in!

Now, to clarify! There is "the Season," but I'm talking much simpler -- just the plain old seasons. Our challenge this month is to throw out seasonally-based prompts: snowed in and stuck snipping at each other in a cabin; domestic yard work and raking red leaves; ankle-deep in mud in the spring time; sun-burnt and loving it, finishing up a job (acting or ghost-busting!) on the boardwalk.

The shifting between seasons can feel gradual, or as if we've blinked and missed it; it is often emotional, can be tied to March Madness or Winter Blues or Fun-in-the-Sun. And then there are those folks who love shoveling snow, or hate the beach, who go against the grain and our expectations and make for great storytelling.

Sometimes we tie seasons to music; we listen to the Beach Boys and Katy Perry in the summertime, and shift to Damien Rice and the Smashing Pumpkins in the winter. We eat lighter foods in the summer, richer in the winter. Catching sunrises versus driving to work in the dark. The atmosphere of each season is so different, and whether we notice or not, we drastically change our behaviors and emotions to adapt.

All in all, this is what it's about: change, transition, how deeply we are effected by it, and how neatly we settle into those seasonal cliches -- putting on our snow tires, digging up our gardens, having bonfires while huddled in jackets and hats drinking pumpkin ale, hauling ourselves out of a crystal lake to go have a glass of sweet tea.

The opportunities are positively endless. Dig in! Multiple fills happily welcomed!

The fills so far!
[SAM/DEAN] Stuck in the mud, dragonspell
[GEN; SAM & DEAN] prompt: sam skinnydipping, by grace_fully
[GEN; SAM & DEAN] Floating in the Dark, by embroiderama
[GEN; SAM & DEAN] The Way Life Should Be, by kelleigh
[GEN; SAM & DEAN] prompt: beach at the wrong time of year, by lazy_daze
[GEN; SAM & DEAN] prompt: walking to school in the snow, by poor_choices
[J2] Snow Day, by weesta
[SAM/DEAN] Tornado Season, by foxlives
[J2] Past Indifferent Seagulls, by sandymg

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