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A Mixed Collection of J2 fics

So it's time for my third rec post over here at spnroundtable and I thought I'd share the few J2 fics I've read over the Christmas holidays that really amazed me and stayed in my mind. These fics are a mixture of AU's, Christmas!Fic, schmoop, porn and future!fic so there is something for everybody!

The Night Before Christmas by bumblee
AU, J2, PG-13, 6300 words; In between juggling a house full of family and drowning his pain in sugar, Jensen discovers he's not quite as single as he thought this Christmas.

This is exceedingly adorable, with an oblivious Jensen, enthusiastic Jared and enough food porn to leave you hunting for chocolate. This is a Christmas fic and the writer really explores Jensen's exasperation and frustration with his family perfectly.

That Dream to be Seen by lazy_daze
AU, J2, R, 3700 words;
The cardboard box is battered, getting soft around the edges, and the crayon wheels are smudged and faded, but Jared and Jensen still squash themselves in, skinny knees and elbows knocking together.

This is a beautifully written story, a concise yet stunning narrative that follows the boys as they make their way towards each other and the roadtrip they have always longed to go on. An incrediblly sweet fic, it leaves a big smile on your face.

This is the Ultimate by neros_violin
AU, J2, NC-17, 17600 words; Jensen is the UFC's Welterweight Champion, and the company's biggest star. He's also its most private. Jared is the writer assigned to help the public get to know him better. Jared is begrudgingly invited into Jensen's training camp, where Jensen is preparing for the biggest fight of his career, to get a better glimpse of his professional life. But Jared soon realizes he has a personal interest in Jensen. He's surprised when Jensen returns his feelings, and a real relationship begins to develop between them. It's torn apart when a devastating news story is leaked to the press, and Jensen shuts Jared out of his life. Jared watches from the sidelines as Jensen's career disintegrates in the passage of four five-minute rounds, and refuses to stay away. What they have, and the man Jensen doesn't realize he can be, are worth fighting for.

Guh, this fic is one of my current favorites. neros_violin has such a lyrical style, uses the written word so evocatively and with such finesse, that you just fall in love with whatever scene she is describing. If nothing else, read this for how she handles writing the fight scenes. Absolute perfection.

You be the rhythm and I'll be the beat by radiophile
AU, J2, NC-17, 9282 words; Jensen's not-so-secret crush unexpectedly shows up to see his band. The night just gets better from there.

There are so many fantastic details in this fic, such fantastic fleshed-out side characters, from a badass drummer!Danneel and a slightly crazy matchmaker!Misha. radiophile builds such an intense tension that literally sends tingles up and down your spine, and the porn is just, gah, so freaking spectacular. Hoo boy.

Fading Silhouettes by indysaur
AU, J2, pg-13, 26699 words; The problem is, Jared is days, miles, light years away.

A zombie fic unlike anything I have ever read before. A fic unlike anything I have ever read before. Raw and haunting and devastating, this fic will leave you feeling torn open and falling in love with the characters in such a new and profound way. This is the fic one bawls all the way through, is vaguely unsettled by and broken by but then tells everyone to read it because it's amazing and shouldn't be missed.

Two Turtledoves (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree) by laulan
non-AU, J2, PG-13, 8210 words; When Jared wakes up, it's to an elbow in his face and a knee digging into his stomach. Somewhere above him, someone is singing his last name loud enough to wake the neighbors while drumming gently on his head.

This is schmoopy and fluffy in all the best ways, delightful and adorable and it makes you squirm around with its sweetness. Maggie is a little firecracker, kickass in a way that could only come from having the boys as her parents. This will leave you feeling warm and snuggly.

Focus by winterlive
non-AU, J2, R, approx. 10000 words; For days, it's all Jensen can focus on.

This is freaking sexy as all get out but also explores the changing dynamic between the boys as they discover they harbour feelings for each other in a new, exquisitely intimate way. Oh, and it features JDM and the abuse of a nipple ring. What else could one want?

Make it Hurt til it Sings by cassandra_leeds
non-AU, J2, NC-17, 1500 words; Jared gets jealous and it turns into a public spanking.

There is not one thing wrong with this fic, so hot and intense. Exhibitionism is a huge kink of mine and this really effing delivers. The very direct descriptions of Jared's thoughts and emotions make you feel like you are right there in his head as it's happening. Absolutely delicious.

Writing Graffiti on Your Body by scintilla10
non-AU, J2, PG-13, 1760 words; Jensen was smiling politely, holding the restaurant door open for a pair of middle-aged couples, and pointedly ignoring Jared who was grinning gleefully at his Southern good manners, when someone behind them said, breathlessly, "Oh my god."

This is stunningly beautiful, the prose is delicate and yet weighted with so much emotion, so much intensity. Each section increases in sensuality and eroticism but it is the boys writing on each other that make the reader come undone, rather than sex. The descriptions are blazingly hot and will leave you panting for more.
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