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Ask The Vidder: counteragent

Hi spnroundtable !!! Thanks to [info]oxoniensis for inviting me. Some of my favorite vidders/artists/authors have been featured here in the past, so it's an honor!

Ask me anything! About vidding or SPN or being a fan or shoes (wait, how did that get in there?) or what have you.

Coin Operated Boy  [meta, song by The Dresden Dolls, released 1/26/11]
Summary: I [Dean, fandom, OFC] want a coin operated boy [Sam back].
V/N: Made between 6X11 and 6X12 to deal with my (and Dean's, and fandom's) desperate need for Sam to return. My most ambitious vid.
Embedded below. Password: sammycakes

  [Sam study, early S6 focus. Song by U2, released 10/28/11]
Summary: Sam always bet everything. He lost.
V/N: Made after 6X05. My theory was that Hell had stripped Sam of everything he loved (maybe because he bet it away, trying to escape?) and we were just looking at a shell. Works with the reveal that he was without his soul, I think. Uses  SamAsLucifer for Lucifer because I wanted to blur the lines between the two. My most personally emotional vid.
Embedded below. Password: samifer

Above and Below
  [S4 summary vid. Song by The Bravery, released 5/20/09]
Summary: "'Cause living makes me feel ashamed."
V/N: Made after Season 4. My retrospective realization that Sam and Dean had amazingly similar storylines in S4 (which canon codified in S5 but took a little thinking to understand in S4 (at least for me). My most "vid like" vid.
Embedded below. Password: samndean

Still Alive
[Meta vid about (S3) fandom. Song by Jonathan Coulton, released 10/19/08]
Summary: A survey of (mostly S3) SPN fandom: Some wank, some politics, and a ton of awe-inspiring GENIUS.
V/N: I was new to the fandom and the show in S3, and I found it an exciting, amazing, confusing and provocative place. Starts by talking about the wank and how poorly some fans treat other fans, and then moves on to show how insightful and talented we all are. My most popular vid.
Embedded below: no password needed


All of my vids can be found at this tag at my journal. I have a couple other multi's and Alias vids.

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