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Ask the vidder: Mithborien

Hi, I'm mithborien and I am thrilled to be your 'Ask the vidder' for the month. While in the past I have also written fic, created icons and drawn fanart today I am going to be focusing on my vidding although I am happy to answer any questions about my non-vidding fandom pursuits.

I have made 13 vids for Supernatural so far and you can find them through my spn vid tag or on my vidding masterlist.

My favourite vids always tend to be the last ones I make since I feel (and hope) that those are the ones that I have improved the most on. So my latest (and consequently most liked) vids include:

Awake my soul - I described this as a S5!themed, brother!themed, Impala!themed vid and it came about after watching 'Dark side of the moon' and that whole soulmates thing.

My boy builds coffins - This vid is all about the way Dean sacrifices himself and is a really big favourite of mine since it I was really pleased with how all the clips ended up flowing together.

Rebellion (Lies, lies) - This is my obligatory Sam/Dean vid and was inspired by all those little somewhat not quite brotherly moments in the show.

I started vidding in 2004 when I was obsessed with the show Farscape and stumbled across Farscape Fantasy, proceeded to watch all the fan vids there (even spoilers didn't phase me then), and decided that vidding was the best thing ever! It took me a while to figure out the technical logistics of making a vid but I managed to use Windows Movie Maker to make 4 vids that no one ever saw because I couldn't figure out how to get them online.

Fastforward a couple of years, past a half finished Harry Potter vid and I started watching Supernatural which rapidly also became the best thing ever! The show was just somehow extremely viddable for me, and armed with sufficiently more techincal knowledge, I started vidding again.

For those interested I now vid using Adobe Premiere CS4. Though I want to start using After Effects for fancy titles and effects since I do technically know how to use the program but I am lazy and it has been years since I have last used it and the prospect of remembering how to use it again daunts me.

I also tend to plan out my vids extensively. I have found that if I don't know where I am going I tend to get stuck. For those interested, I have uploaded the vid plan I used for Goodnight, demon slayer, although that it one of my more extensive plans. Usually, it's not quite so long or detailed.

I also have no clue what my next vid will be. Based on my list of vid ideas I have 43 vids that I have ideas for, 21 of which are Supernatural so I don't plan to stop vidding any time soon. Although if any one wants to offer an idea for a vid I am all ears.

But please, ask me any questions you want, I would love to chat.

And thanks again to spnroundtable for having me here!
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