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Unusual Alpha/Beta/Omega Fics

Hey everyone,

I'm one of the temporary reccers this month. Even though I'm relatively new to this fandom and fandom in general my delicious list is quite long already. So I hope I will find some stuff you're interested in.

For the first topic I decided on unusual Alpha/Beta/Omega fics. Equality in relationships is a big topic for me, which makes D/s fics very difficult. Most Alpha/Beta/Omega fics have very dominant alphas and very submissive betas/omegas. And still there's something drawing me towards this concept, so I started looking for different descriptions of Alpha/Beta/Omega relationships.

Title: Dirty Words
Author: gedry
Pairings: Jared/Jensen/Misha
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,346
Summary: Jared’s reached that point in an alpha’s life where he’s starting to question what he really wants. He’s not really coming up with any answers. But a special call back into work one night changes everything for him and gives him a glimpse of the future he never knew he really wanted.
Comment: I guess a threesome is already something unusual in the Alpha/Beta/Omega genre. This one here even consists of equal, loving relations in all directions. Alpha!Jared is a caring nurse, Beta!Misha broke up with his former abusive mate and Omega!Jensen falls in love with Beta!Misha even though he knows they can't mate. These three have to work to figure out how to make their relationship functional. "Normality is overrated. We’re a progressive group. We’re making our own way." That's a text from Jensen at one point in the story. And he's so very right!

Title: A Cracked Engine Block + Hoping For the Hot Flashes to Come
Author: poor_choices
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3100 + 1700
Summary: It's hard not to hear about a single, pregnant omega moving to a small town. Jared is a little curious. + Jared struggles with the reality of not being an alpha for his omega.
Comment: Pregnant Omega!Jensen decides he doesn't need an alpha and takes the reins himself. He starts a relationship with Beta!Jared who has to go through some self-doubt about not being able to satisfy his mate when Jensen goes into heat. I love how confident Jensen is. Ha, pregnant omegas can live on their own, if most alphas are just dicks!

Title: Late Bloomer + Loud and Clear
Author: bewaretheides15
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 6,000 + 6400
Summary: Far and away, being an omega is the least interesting thing about Jared.
Comment: Jared is an omega which here means he has characteristics of both alphas and betas. He's 24 when he meets Alpha!Jensen and goes into his first heat/rut. The discription of alphas and betas in this fic is almost too conventional for my taste. Still what I really like here is that the characters differentiate between what their sex drive is telling them and what their minds decide. Even though their insticts are strong they can still opt for not acting on them. One example is Alpha!Jensen deciding to enjoy being manhandled by Jared.

Title: Wait for It (Jared's POV) + Good Things Come (Jensen's POV)
Author: concernedlily
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 10,000 + 8000
Summary: Prompt: Jared is not your typical beta, he's a mountain of a man and outgoing, loud and hyper where a more proper beta is petite and demur. Jensen has been his co-worker and friend for years and they share a home comfortably. On one late drunk evening Jared teases Jensen because he's such a laid back casual alpha. Jensen show Jared his alpha side and roughly face fucks Jared. The beta has never been used or dominated so utterly and Jared can't get enough of it.
Comment: It's kind of non-AU, they're both still actors on Supernatural. Beta!Jared is playing Alpha!Sam and Alpha!Jensen is playing Beta!Dean. And opposed to public expectations it's working fine. Beta!Jared is tall and loud and outgoing whereas Alpha!Jensen is sometimes shy and reserved. Then Jared discovers his beta side. In bed he can actually enjoy to submit and being dominated. He falls into an identity crisis and can't find his strong, possesive and protective side he needs to play Sam anymore. I really like here how Jared learns he can be a mate to his alpha, including craving to be knotted, and still be a very strong, independent and self-determined person. Still I have to warn here for clear D/s scenes, which I at least struggle with. On the other hand there's also some bottom!Alpha, which is something I was looking for for a long time.

Okay that's it for today. Enjoy reading! And I don't know if that's common around here, but I would love to hear from you about similar stories in the comments. I'm always looking for more fics like these! Also I would be interested in your opinions on the topic...
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