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Ask The Artist: Fanlay

Hello everybody, I'm fanlay.
First of all, thank you oxoniensis, for inviting me to do October's Ask The Artist. I'm very excited to be here.

About myself:
I've started drawing at pretty young age. I had gone through traditional artistic training and dipped into a few fine art fields before becoming a product/graphic designer. I do enjoy my job, but I wish I had more time to draw fanart. I don't have art marsterlist but you can have a look at all my pictures at my LJ gallery. It's categorized by fandom.

A little about my fanart history:
I've been making fanart since 2006. I first started in HP fandom and stayed there for a few years making Snape fanart. I then moved onto Inception and made a few Arthur/Eames pieces. I'm relatively new to SPN fandom, and only made a few fanart so far. I've never been really prolific, and my fandom muse tends to be rather capricious, but I'd like to enjoy and be active in this magnificent fandom as long as possible.

My inspiration:
Human figure is, for me, an endless source of inspiration. Its elegance, imperfectness, power, and fragility are something I'd quite happily explore for all my life. When I have free time I hang out on Homotography, purely in search of artistic inspiration, of course.

My art process:
Seen in the picture below are my meagre tools of trade. I haven't been working with traditional media for some time and the dryness of this picture sadly underlines the fact.

And this is how I work.

I normally spend a lot of time working on composition, and I make lots of messy sketches. This is the stage I enjoy the most, because I enjoy exploring the possibilities to visualize a scene. Once I lock into a composition, I sketch it with red pencil, make final sketch with graphite over it, scan the sketch, red channel it, and basically turn it into (hopefully) clean b/w sketch.  Sorry I can't show it to you with pictures, I've lost my most recent sketchbook.

Most of the time I finish my art in Adobe Photoshop, but I sometimes work out some basic composition in Illustrator, especially when the piece needs precise perspectives and involves lots of straight lines. For example, this picture for SPN Bigbang 2012 project '143 Alice Grim Lane' was first composed in Illustrator and then drawn by hand.

My favourite work in SPN fandom so far:
Scene 2 from '143 Alice Grim Lane'
for SPN bigbang 2012 in collaboration with runedgirl.
There's something about Dean's desolation that I like.

'Hold the morning'
for callistosh65 for SPN Springfilng.
The boys deserve all the happiness they can get.

My favourite in other fandoms:
'With the night comes the darkness'
Fandom: Harry Potter, Pairing: George Weasley/Fred Weasley
For the prompt 'necrophilia'. I like the concept and composition. And now with my new Mac screen I see weird lines around Fred.

Fandom: Inception, Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Noir. You can't go wrong with that.

I hope this gives you some ideas about my working style. I wish I could have shared with you more WIP pictures and I'm sorry I couldn't. Please feel free to ask anything about my art or work.
Thank you. :)

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