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Vid Recs: Supernatural (Gen)

I thought I’d share some vid recs today. No pairings, just general Supernatural flavored goodness. Here are 5 fanvids that claimed a place on my favorites list this month.

Supernatural Mood Lighting by uncertainsimile

I’m a X-Files fan from way back, so when the music in this video (Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) started playing, I knew I was hooked no matter what. But it got so much better. This is a gorgeous – slightly creepy – look at all the beautiful sets, direction and lighting used on the show over the years. Supernatural has an amazing crew working hard to bring us these scenes and it’s wonderful to sit back and appreciate them for the art they are.

Supernatural (7x14) :: FunHouse by PinkGl8er2

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie was a funny episode. Funhouse by Pink is a pop song. But put them together and somehow it ends up being quite creepy. I’m fairly certain it’s not supposed to be, so it’s probably just me. In my defense, there are also some scenes from Everybody Loves A Clown, which was a tad less glittery. Funny or creepy, either way, this impressed me for such a short video. Warning: Language.

Welcome Home - Supernatural by MissLyraGW

A video centered around the concept of home and family as it applies to the Winchesters. Gorgeous music paired with emotional scenes make this incredibly beautiful. You might need tissues.

[SAIL] Supernatural by ccmrose

This has been my favorite Supernatural fanvid for quite a while. It still gives me shivers and makes my heart hurt in all the good ways. The music fits perfectly – dark and gritty - and the editing is spot on.

Remember The Name - Castiel by sparksfly221

A fun, snappy little ode to Bamf!Cas. It’s short, and ends a little abruptly, but it’s fantastic. I never would have paired rap with Castiel, but it works in this. Who would’ve thought? Warning: Language.

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