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December Recs

I have a mixed bag of goodies this month, some Sam and Dean, some J2. I hope there's something for everyone in here.

1: Take the Sky for Example, by zephyrocity

Jared has a gorgeous girlfriend, and Jensen is just trying to get over a long term relationship with his ex boyfriend. They don't know each other, but they decide to move in together to save on rent. They both learn a little something about themselves before the story is done. J2 AU, slash NC-17

2: The Second Man, by albeitslowly and captcrashsc

This is a sweet J2 RomCom based on the movie Overboard.Jared is a spoiled brat with more money than sense, whose parents are keeping him dependent by putting him down. Jensen's lost his parents but he's trying to take care of his younger siblings with mixed success. When Jared loses his memory, they suddenly find themselves thrown together. J2 AU slash, PG-13

3: Coda - He'll think about that later, by j2loveisreal

This is a short but lovely, angst-filled coda to Holy Terror, examining Dean's emotions following the events that led to the end of the Mid-season cliff hanger. Gen, character study

4: Folie a Deux, by zoemathemata

Medication is helping one of them but not the other and the hospital staff are doing their best to cure them of their apparent insanity. Are the two of them Sam and Dean or are they Jared and Jensen. They don't even know themselves, but they're not particularly invested in finding out either. Weird, very intriguing story featuring the boys. AU, slash J2 or Sam/Dean? You decide! NC-17

5: Shelter in Place, by foolsdance

After the zombie apocalypse, Jared heads to the wilds in the mountains of Colorado to his grandfather's cabin, hoping to stay clear of the marauding zombies. When he gets to the cabin he finds there's already an occupant who is in a pretty bad way. Jensen has been a slave for most of his life, and Jared has to teach him how to be a free man within the constraints of their new environment. It's a simple, touching story, and it brought a lump to my throat. J2 AU slash NC17

6: Like a Detuned Radio, by homo_pink

Jared's getting out of prison after five years for involuntary manslaughter. Jensen is his parole officer and he's having second thoughts about the way his relationship with the newly released felon is developing. This is a beautiful piece of writing. J2 slash NC-17

7: From Yesterday, by gaelicspirit

What if the results of the battle with Lucifer at the end of Swan Song had gone down differently? What if Sam hadn't gone down into the pit because Dean found a way to stop it, but as a result, Bobby and Castiel had not been reanimated? This is a gen Sam and Dean AU, and it's a long partwork. gaelicspirit is writing the second volume at the present time, but this is volume 1 and it's complete in itself. She writes beautifully, and captures the emotions of her boys incredibly well. Sam and Dean, Gen

8: Three Steps Past Triton, by brutti_ma_buoni

J2 space AU! My favourite kind of J2! Jensen made a terrible mistake in his youth, and now he roams deep space, afraid that he's an outcast because of his choices 10 years ago. He saves Jared from poverty and prostitution, and then, in a way, Jared saves Jensen right back. Beautiful story. J2 AU slash NC-17

9: The Life and Tmes of Jimmy Novak, by bertee

I love bertee's writing, but this has to be her finest yet. The forgotten voice of Jimmy Novak, meat suit and much-exploded, reluctant hero is explored here, and it's funny, poignant and compelling. A+ Gen

10: Once Upon a Time in Space, by etoile_etiolee

This totally self indulgent rec is my gift from spn_j2_xmas. It's delightful crossover between Indiana Jones and The Princess Bride... in space. Jensen is a scientist/explorer and Jared is a dreaded space pirate. They contend with each other over an incredible treasure, but who will win? You might be surprised. J2 AU slash
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