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Sweet and sour recs

This month's set are mostly cracky, although there are a couple of angsty ones in for seasoning.

1: Magpie to the Seaside, by indiachick

Gorgeously written season 6 AU. Sam has his soul back, and Dean doesn't want to tell him how he got it, or what the thing is that pounds on the door every night after midnight. PG-13, and incredible.

2: Child In Time, by crimsonepitaph

Jensen is a superhero, and he's pretty sure that he's going to die, because the dude pointing the gun at him is impervious to his powers. Fortunately a long tall, apparently bulletproof guy steps between them and saves him. Then he runs away. Who is this man, and will Jensen ever find him again? J2 superhero AU, with amazingly snarky dialogue and a very weird Chad. NC-17

3: Secrets 'Verse, by skeletncloset

Jensen is a self-possessed 14 year old who has been abused but survived. His mom has remarried, and his new 17 year old step-brother is just what Jensen needed. This Jensen knows what he wants and takes it. He's a feisty, sneaky lolita. J2 AU age reversal. NC-17

4: All the Golden Lands Ahead, by coyotesuspect

Lovely J2 College AU. They are road tripping home from school for Christmas. Jensen's just split with his boyfriend, and he really doesn't want to get into another relationship, but somehow Jared, his passenger is getting under his skin. NC-17

5: A First Time FOr Everything, by riyku

Poignant little J2 High School AU coming of age story. Jared is leaving because his family are moving for work. Jensen is staying. I loved the dynamic between Jensen and Jared. They are making the most of the time they have left together. NC-17

6: Pay Phone, by firesign10

J2 futurefic. Jared and Jensen find love during the making of the series, but fall apart because of their differences. How long will it take for Jensen to get himself on the same page, and if he succeeds, will he be able to get in touch with Jared to tell him? NC-17

7: Wing Kink, by ash_carpenter

The author debunks a number of different kinks in her journal, and this particular one had me crying with laughter at the end of it. Sam is squicked when Dean is bitten by a harpy and subsequently starts to demonstrate avian characteristics. Dean's just afraid of laying eggs. NC17... probably!

8: The Unconventional Courtship of Jared the Human and Jensen the Shifter, by keep_waking_up

I don't know this writer, but he or she hit this one out of the park for me! Jensen is a shifter who has been kept in animal form by a cult that has kept him in his animal form since he was a child. This is written from Jensen's POV, and when he is rescued, he's confused, grumpy and very reluctant to learn how to be human. His only problem is that his rescuer, Jared, smells really, really good. NC17. The story is very funny at times as Jensen learns to be human...kinda.

9: Honey, I Shrunk the Winchesters, by zara_zee

A very lighthearted Sam and Dean genfic in which the residue from the magic left behind by the Wicked Witch of the West inadvertently shrinks Dean down to 8" tall. How the two of them resolve the problem is both ingenious and effective. I particularly enjoyed Dean's battle with the cat.

10: Give a Little Time to Me; We'll play Hide and Seek, by jojothecr

Beautifully written story depicting the moments following Jensen and Jared's appearance on the Critics' Choice Awards. Sad and hurty and gorgeous. PG-13 rating, but emotional and atmospheric and lovely. I don't want to spoil it, so go read it.

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