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SPN and J2 Recs for February

I bring you an awesome assortment of fic this month. I hope there's something for each of you.

1: A Fashionable Profit, by mad_gaters

John's broke, Sam wants to stay in school and graduate with his classmates at the end of the semester. Dean takes one for the team. This is an oldie but still goodie, and a fun genfic.

2: A day for the Beach, by brutti_ma_buoni

Jensen is a repressed, unhappy guy, who feels as if he's screwed up his whole life - until his next door neighbor gives him first a cat and then a houseguest. This is an adult fic, but not explicit, and it's so sweet and hopeful it made me all quivery.

3: Thrust Fault, by bertee

This one, on the other hand, is a filthy, hot pwp featuring J2, with Jensen as the aloof businessman employing high class hooker Jared to provide him with relief. NC-17 and proud of it!

4: Rainbow Connection, by felisblanco

Jared is working his way through school, and he's sharing a pad with his very favorite douchebag, Chad. To make ends meet, he takes a second job at a daycare, wrangling 2 year olds. He falls for a little blonde cutie named Marie, and then he meets her harassed father. NC-17. There are so many twists and turns in this story that I don't want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that neither of them are particularly good at flirting.

5: Many a Bad Night, by epicallytired

Everyone knows TKO, but not everyone has read this one, which is my favorite of Shari's J2 stuff. Sadly, she passed away this past weekend, and there will be no more fic from her. In this, Jensen is a contractor and he gets to know a large welder who likes to quote famous philosophers. In her words, 'They like each other... a lot.' But because Shari used to like to wrap up painful slaps in a coating of humor, there is much more to this than a simple boy/boy romance. Jared has a secret. Will Jensen be able to live with it? NC-17

6: Go Fish, by glasz_houses

This author's journal has been deleted, but do go to download the file at the link below, because this is a really entertaining and delightful J2 fic.It's kind of NC-17, but only barely. Jensen has moved in with Jared; it's Season 3-4, and Jared's trying to encourage Jensen to get some stuff and be a little more permanent than merely camping.

7: Bitter Harvest, by firesign10

This is Wincest at its finest. It's told mostly from Sam's POV, and he and his brother used to have a relationship that Sam is still pining for. HE doesn't know why Dean backed away and left him high and dry, and he's confused, since they are still working together and living in the same car. When Michael, now grown up from 'Playthings' appears in their vicinity, Sam sees a friend and confidant, and Dean sees a rival. NC-17

8: Wishing for Rain (As I Stand in the Desert), by geckoholic

This is Sam and Dean AU. The author deviates from the events in Season 1 just after the events of Asylum and everything is slightly different from then onwards. Sam has a crush on his brother, and Dean is quite sure that he should not respond to it, because after all, that would be incest, and that would be bad... wouldn't it? NC-17

9: Secret Diary of Lucifer, by goddamnhella

The Ultimate Evil didn't have it all his own way during Season 5. The poor thing had many frustrations that plagued him, including a really annoying skin condition. This diary documents his frustrations. Gen.

10: PRetty Piece of Flesh, by fleshflutter

This is a very dark fic, written about a dystopian future where mutants are ruled by a seemingly unbeatable warlord. A murderous assassin is hired to kill him, but it seems that he has a secret weapon... NC-17 with an emphasis on violence.

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