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Fic Recs: PWPs Under 1,000 Words (Destiel, Wincestiel, Cockles, Jimstiel)

Sometimes you just don’t have time for an epic, slow-build fic. Or even a one-shot. Hell, sometimes you don’t even have time for the foreplay.

Thank god for drabbles and ficlets – straight to the point, no questions asked, no strings attached. For a fic lover, Tumblr can be a wonderful place. Drabbles and ficlets aren’t exclusive to Tumblr, but thanks to the site format and ease of sharing, it’s a great platform.

I’ve also found that a few of my favorite authors post drabbles on their Tumblr, and even take prompts. Subscribing to their AO3 feed could be just the tip of the iceberg. So if you have a favorite author and they share a Tumblr link, check it out. You might be surprised.

Of course, there are downsides to Tumblr fic too. Spelling and grammar mistakes can be hard to fix once posted, and the work is almost guaranteed to be unbeta’d. Still, while that might be a distraction in a longer fic, when you’re only reading less than a thousand words, a few mistakes are easy to ignore.

The most unfortunate aspect of reading any kind of fic on Tumblr is the tendency for users to change their URLs. I’ve lost some good fics this way, after clicking a bookmark only to discover the author has moved.

Some authors transfer their work to AO3 or LJ at a later time, but others simply tag and go. It’s quite a mixture out there.

It’s quick and dirty – and so are these ficlets I’ve decided to rec today! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Dean/Castiel, Bondage, Light Dom/Sub - 199 Words

Dean/Sam/Castiel, Shower Sex - 427 Words

Dean/Castiel, Oral - 251 Words

Dean/Castiel/Jimmy, Heavy Dom/Sub, Sex Machines/Toys – 810 Words

Dean/Castiel, Rimming - 235 Words

Jensen/Misha, Light Dom/Sub, Oral – 496 Words

Jensen/Misha, First Move, Kissing, Awkwardness – 692 Words

Tags: rec: dean/castiel, rec: nc-17, rec: pg, rec: r, rec: rps, rec: slash
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