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Podfic Roundup for April 2014!

Spring has sprung and there’s a lot happening in podfic communities!

amplificathon is running it’s 2014 Amplificathon challenge until April 30th.

A new community called [community profile] amp_support aims to provide resources for podficcers as they participate in the Amplificathon challenge, though you don’t actually have to participate in the challenge to utilize the resources. One cool resource is Cover Me! An Emergency Podfic Coverart Meme, a place where podficcers can seek coverart and people can seek or offer coverart. Check it out!

[community profile] podfic_gsd ran another “Get Stuff Done” week from March 30 to April 5.

[community profile] welovepodfic, a challenge to encourage leaving podfic feedback, is running another round, too, from April 7-20th.

[community profile] remopodmo, a productivity challenge inspired by NaNoWriMo, is currently running their 7th round. It lasts until April 30th!

oppisum announced the launch of a multiple ship rec blog on tumblr, which includes podfic as well as fic!

pt_lightning completed another round, and you can check out the masterlist here. It includes one Supernatural podfic, which I’ve linked in the roundup below!

cakehole_club is still hosting Cakebang, a SPN/RPF podfic big bang! Posting doesn’t start until June, and you can sign up anytime!

spn_cinema begins posting in May, and it looks like there might be some podfics produced—so keep an eye out!

ETA 4-9-14: tebtosca is hosting a voice meme that looks awesomely fun. It's not specifically about podfic, but it does involve getting to listen to a lot of people's voices. :D Go check it out! (Many thanks to celtic_forest for the tip! <3)

If I've missed anything of interest, please let me know! ♥

Roundup of SPN & SPNRPF podfics posted March 2, 2014 to April 5, 2014

(I’ve gathered these podfics from amplificathon and spn_cwrpfpodfic. I’ve also included podfics posted only to [community profile] amplificathon; if you posted to both the DW and the LJ communities, I’ve used the LJ links. If you posted at one of these comms between the aforementioned dates, you should be on this list! Additionally, if I remembered a podfic that hasn’t yet been crossposted to these communities, I’ve included links to personal journals. I also tried to catch podfics that were posted only on AO3. Please let me know if I’ve made an error or missed something!)


Drive Me - written & read by [personal profile] analise010 (Dean/Impala, teen and up, 00:00:09)
Summary: A six word memoir about Dean and his beloved car.

Big City Rules - written by faviconicarus_chained and read by reena_jenkins & miss_marina95 (gen crossover w/ Discworld, G, 00:02:30)
Summary: Dean Winchester, civil authority, and heroing in the big city.

Check Engine - written by faviconhedgerose and read by colls (gen crossover w/ Teen Wolf, G, 00:06:49)
Summary: The Jeep meets the Impala just once.

Family Business - written by faviconIzhilzha and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (gen crossover w/ Numb3rs, teen and up, 00:09:34)
Summary: Don Eppes walks into a bar, and meets John Winchester.

Whiskey - written by Menthol Pixie and read by eosrose (gen, teen, 00:13:51)
Summary: The first, and last, time John Winchester hits Sam.

30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

The Devil Went Down to Georgia - written by faviconLitra and read by badbastion (gen, G, 00:40:38) – pt_lightning
Summary: Sam and Dean come across a cursed Violin that’s causing musicians to commit suicide. Set in the early days of season 9.


Less Than 10 Minutes

The Picture of Health - written & read by oddishly (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 00:08:05)
Summary: No man nor beast nor ghouly thing has ever shown Dean Winchester the inside of a bubblebath before.

Going Down Swinging - written by astolat and read by applegeuse (Sam/Dean, explicit, 00:08:36)
Summary: Sam thinks it says something profound and depressing about their lives that this is the most relaxed they've been in months.

10 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Irresitible Force - written by fromcainwthlove and read by eosrose (Sam/Dean, explicit, 00:13:13)
Summary: This scene, Dean drinking himself to peace in front of a flickering television set, this is the unmoving center of Dean's sanity. And this is Sam, an irresistible force.

Desired - written by astolat and read by applegeuse (Sam/Dean, explicit, 00:13:39)
Summary: He hadn't even known about any of this himself until Sam found it, figured it out for him. He hadn't known how it was going to be.

Sam Fingers Dean - written by faviconcallmeb and read by faviconOddfront (Sam/Dean, explicit, unknown)
Summary: This is a podfic of CallMeB's Sam Fingers Dean Series

Sweet Fix - written by faviconthatsakitkat and read by faviconOddfront (Sam/Dean, explicit, 00:15:06)
Summary: Sam's eyes are mostly on Dean's ass though; how it swells from Dean's thick thighs, draws the shorts tight and has them riding up. Crazy, what Dean's ass does to him. Sam sinks his teeth into his tongue looking at it, hands twitching by his sides, eager to knead into all that soft flesh, eager to bite deep and mark Dean where he's palest.


Less Than 10 Minutes

Shadows Taller Than Your Souls - written by faviconbeastofthesky and read by faviconsilkylustre (Dean/Cas, G, 00:09:42)
Summary: He doesn’t know if this is buying him a stairway to heaven or paving a road to hell, but he doesn’t care. If living selfishly means his life is about and for and with Cas, then he’ll live as selfishly as they come.

10 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Good Girl - written by faviconorange_crushed and read by tenoko1 (Dean/Cas, G, 00:13:25)
Summary: (In which Team Free Will gets a four-legged mascot.) // Sam drives her to a veterinarian’s office one day, in the stolen car he is now increasingly regarding as his, and she comes back sort of sulky and depressed from having been tricked into getting a series of vaccinations. // “I know the feeling,” Cas says, at floor level with her, while the puppy licks the underside of his wrist and makes sad eyes. “I was once immune to tetanus, but now I am forced to endure booster shots.” He looks over at Sam and Dean, and lowers his voice to a whisper. “They told me they were taking me to the zoo,” he says. He pets her ears. “You will learn to trust again.”

Actual Disney Princess - written by faviconcentreoftheselights and read by elias_finch/jeremiel (Dean/Cas, teen and up, 00:20:43)
Summary: Written for the SRS2012 prompt: Gabriel gets tired of the way Dean and his little brother are constantly making eyes at each other and doing nothing about it, so he zaps them into various Disney films- always with Castiel as the prince and Dean as the princess- until they get the hint.

La Cucina - written by faviconorange_crushed and read by tenoko1 (Dean/Cas, G, 00:28:43)
Summary: Dean turns around and Castiel is picking through the jars, turning them over carefully to read the labels, totally engrossed. Dean watches him. // "Is there," Dean says, "uh, anything in there you like?" Castiel looks up at him and then back at the apples, sitting in a basket on the counter in their golden skins, ripe and pretty. Castiel smiles up at Dean.

The Real Thing - written by faviconmelo and read by favicongreeniron (Dean/Cas, G, 00:42:07)
Summary: It's almost Halloween and so there is work to be done, but more importantly there is diner food and costume shopping and good times all around.

Over An Hour

Supernatural Avengers: Before Lucifer Crashed the Party - written by faviconAnnehiggins and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (Dean/OC + Dean/Cas, teen and up, 02:04:54)
Summary: A lot happened before Lucifer tried to conquer Earth and the Avengers formed. Gabriel was responsible for most of it. Draws heavily on modified concepts/some dialog of all the pre-The Avengers movies: Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Every Man’s Got A Right - written by faviconMollyC and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (explicit, Dean/Cas, 08:47:36)
Summary: Cas never expected to live through Dean's last plan. Now, he's not only alive, he's in the past--before Dean went to Hell, before he made the deal at all. Can a fallen angel and a couple of hunters change the future by altering the past?


Less Than 10 Minutes

We Raise It Up, This Offering - written by faviconsparxflame and read by [personal profile] kdheart (Sam/Gabriel, mature, 00:03:00)
Summary: Gabriel's fairly sure Sam doesn't mean it, doesn't realise what he's doing.

Yours - written by faviconAria_Lerendeair and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (Sam/Gabriel, G, 00:04:01)
Summary: Gabriel's been trying to figure out how to propose to Sam for a while now...and he might finally have figured out how.

10 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Pray Dirty To Me - written by faviconAria_Lerendeair and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (Sam/Gabriel, mature, 00:15:58)
Summary: A Reverse!Verse where Gabriel is the Righteous Man and Samuel is the Angel of the Lord who had pulled him out of hell, Gabriel’s thoughts, and prayers start getting a little dirty. All because of one…kinda-sorta-but-not-really innocent question.

Specialization - written by [personal profile] entangled_now and read by kalakirya (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17, 00:16:47)
Summary: Sam gets cursed, poor Sam.

Tail Tied - written by faviconsparxflame and read by [personal profile] kdheart (Sam/Gabriel, explicit, 00:17:18)
Summary: Gabriel wants to try something a little different and, after a little research and a lot of worrying, Sam is happy to oblige. As it turns out, they both enjoy it rather more than they thought they would - despite Gabriel's inability to shut up.

Specialization - written by [personal profile] entangled_now and read by [personal profile] kdheart (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17, 00:17:58)
Summary: Sam gets cursed, poor Sam.

I Heard Your Prayer (Sequel to “Pray Dirty to Me”) - written by faviconAria_Lerendeair and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (Sam/Gabriel, explicit, 00:29:25)
Summary: Gabriel hated that his 'Prayer' had driven Sam off. It'd been ages since he'd seen the angel, and it was clear that he was the reason for that. Now he just needed Sam to show up so he could apologize and go back to pretending it had never happened.

30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Parts 1-5 of “Kith an Kin” - written by faviconLiferevolutionary and read by faviconAlTynan (Sam/Gabriel + Dean/Cas, explicit, 00:50:00)
Summary: The blade was a flash of silver, arching towards his heart and then suddenly it wasn't. He was getting yanked backwards by strong hands on his shoulders, pulling Gabriel away from Lucifer and the deadly blade. // In which the fledglings are all grown up and saving the day.

Over An Hour

Parts 6-8 of the “Sex, Stanford, and a Sweetshop” verse - written by faviconAria_Lerendeair and read by velocitym1/faviconLitra (Sam/Gabriel + Dean/Cas, explicit, 01:16:00)
Summary: After hearing that Dean and Cas would be coming back home, at least for now, neither Sam or Gabriel know what to think. A lot has gone unsaid between them, time to clear the air. At least a little.


30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Meliora (Better Things) – Part 4 of Numinous Series - written by faviconScyllaya and read by faviconrippleeffect (Dean/Gabriel, explicit, 00:45:48)
Summary: Dean was surprised that Sam agreed to separate after the way he’s been acting, but his little brother was on his way to Bobby which left Dean to ask for some angelic assistance for his case.


10 Minutes to 30 Minutes

When You’re a Professional Pirate - written by cleflink and read by oddishly (Jared/Jensen, PG, 00:23:09)
Summary: Jared's kind of in love with his first mate. Jensen kind of hasn't noticed.

With A Talent Like Yours - written by cleflink and read by oddishly (Jared/Jensen, PG, 00:31:28)
Summary: Jensen figured that traveling with a wizard would be a lot easier if the man's damn familiar didn't hate him.

Over An Hour

Get Some [Ink] - written by bewaretheides15 and read by faviconAshesandGhost (Jared/Jensen, explicit, 00:57:32)
Summary: Most high school kids who got lewd, cryptic notes from their bosses would probably have said bosses sued for sexual harassment. Most high school kids don't have bosses like Jensen.


Less Than 10 Minutes

So We Play A game of Snakes and Ladders - written by scintilla10 and read by faviconofjustimagine (Jo/Bela, mature, 00:07:00)
Summary: It had taken Bela nine days to track down the pendant, which was eight and a half days too many as far as she was concerned.

10 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Hour of Need - written by killabeez and read by colls (Sam/Jody, PG-13, 00:18:16)
Summary: Sam's the only hope Dean's got of getting out of Purgatory, but maybe he doesn't have to do it alone.

Over An Hour

Not Afraid of the Dark - written & read by faviconEddiPoo (Dean/you, mature, 02:20:12)
Summary: Dean takes you away from your life as Alastair's slave and shows you how to love again.
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