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Fic Recs for Sam/Dean and J2

Here we go. There's a mixed bag here, some Sam and Dean and some J2. Enjoy.

1: Divinity, by daniomalley

AU featuring the characters of Supernatural in the world of Evangelion. Sam is called by his father to operate an EVA in the battle against the angels. He and Dean are then joined by Bela and Jo. I was a little disconcerted by it at first, but I couldn't put it down. It's mildly PG-13, and there are character deaths, but don't let that deter you. It's an amazing read.

2: The Witch is Dead, by dear_tiger

Sam and Dean meet up with three witches when Sam is only 5 years old and destined to be Sunday lunch for them. Dean and John rescue him, but one of the witches curses Dean before John kills her. The curse worries him for a very long time. Years later, the brothers are destined to meet up again with the remaining two witches, and Dean might end up as supper this time. Rated R and creepy as hell!

3: Exael, by diamondback185

Exael is the story I'm reccing, but in truth all of her work is amazing, and although she has deleted her journal, her fic is still accessible through the download I've linked. Exael focuses on a terrible thing that happened to Dean when he was younger, and his need to overcome it, and it's seen through Sam's eyes. It's triggery, but slashy. I'm awarding it NC17 for a number of reasons.

4: Sex Corps, by epeeblade

The BDSM Space Opera AU! Jensen is a submissive, and also a highly trained operative who has been taught to use his sexuality as a tool against the enemy forces. It's a very interesting universe indeed. He and Jeff Morgan are sent as negotiators when a new planet is discovered that is populated by a civilization whose society has been built on D/S principles. NC17

5: Love Game, by cydsa

Tennis is a game of skill and strategy, but then, so is relationship building. Jensen is on the top of his game when he receives a potentially career ending injury. Is it going to end his relationship too, and if so, can he and Jared ever be friends again? J2 au, rated NC17.

6: Dream Him Free, by twoboys2love

In a world where genetic mutations have produced telepaths and other psychic talents, Jensen is a skimmer - someone who can climb into a person's dreams and see what is troubling them. Jared is a 20 year old who has been catatonic since the age of 5. When Jensen is asked to go into his head to see if there's actually a person in there, it seems like a lost cause, but Jensen knows that he's the best.

7: Your Princess Is in Another Castle, by cleflink

Jared is one of the Bad Guys from Dragon Fighter, although he contends that he's only bad when someone is playing him in the game. Jensen is a Good Guy from the newest game in the arcade, Demon Slayer Pro. Jensen doesn't associate with bad guys, but Jared really, REALLY wants him to bend his rule. Gen, fun and charming.

8: Not Broken, Just Bent, by costsofregret

Supernatural is long over, and Jared has left showbusiness behind. Now he's in Texas, working as a teacher of junior high school students and hoping that one day he'll forget the love he walked away from. It's business as usual until he's asked to meet with a young man and his dying brother. Rated Adult

9: Child in Time, by crimsonepitaph

Jensen's a superhero. One day, he's being confronted by the bad guy with a gun, and it looks like curtains for him, but a tall stranger steps between him and the bullet. When Jensen goes to thank him, he's gone. Can Jensen find him? Does he want to be found? And who are the men without any ID who are after him? NC17, with awesome dialogue'

10: A Trap of their Own Creation, by deceptivemirror

Sam and Dean are working together, but they really aren't communicating. When they wake up after a night of too much booze in a room with no doors, dressed in their sleep gear and lying on psychiatrists' couches, they find that they really have to start talking to each other. Rated R

Tags: rec: gen, rec: nc-17, rec: pg, rec: r, rec: sam/dean, rec: slash
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