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Hi guys. I'm Cam, aka dontyouwaitup , and oxoniensis asked me to do the ask-the-author for December. I am really nervous because if no one asks me any questions, I'll be sad.

All of my stories are here, in case you have no idea who I am.  There aren't really a whole lot of them, but a few are really really long.

Um, a little background.  My first fandom ever was *NSYNC.  I would say popslash, except I was twelve and there wasn't actually slash involved.  I wrote some Mary-Sue type stories where Justin Timberlake fell in love with me a random gorgeous girl whose life was perfect.  Then, one day when I was like thirteen or fourteen, I stumbled across a story in which Justin Timberlake and A.J. McLean (no seriously) have a threesome with some random girl, and suddenly I had DISCOVERED THE GAY.

*NSYNC broke up and I was sad forever and got bored with the internet.  Then, when I was a freshman in college, I was randomly googling and discovered that people wrote fan fiction for television shows, too!! I lurked in The O.C. for like, four or five months, reading Ryan/Seth fic.  I created my livejournal (then aflowerinrain ) in March of 2005, while I was home for Spring Break, and started friending random people.  The first two stories I wrote (Girl Drowning and to hold a heart that quits) weren't slash stories - or really 'pairing' stories at all - more character studies.  I finally posted my first slash story, The Complete Book of Questions, that August and the rest was history.

I really threw myself into fandom in the fall of 2005, mostly because I was really sick and really sad about some guy being a douche, so being at home on the computer was nice and comfy.  Conveniently, that's when Supernatural started.  I didn't care much for it at first, but I watched it because it was on after Gilmore Girls.  I was still mostly in The O.C. and Veronica Mars fandoms, and had started to watch Queer as Folk.  People who I friended because of Queer as Folk were the people who got me to pay more attention to Supernatural, actually.

In terms of my life other than fandom... I'm originally from Connecticut, and when I graduate from college this summer I'm moving to L.A. to hopefully pursue writing and producing for tv and film.  (Read: waitressing and living in a cardboard box on the boulevard hoping someone will pay attention to me.) Um, I'm going to be twenty-one years old in ten days! Other than that, I like to ski and rock climb, I go to the gym every day but I always eat enough so that going to the gym doesn't count, I watch like... every television show ever... I'm really social, I like to go out a lot... and that's about it.

Oh, and I'm sloooowly venturing into the RPS side of fandom.  I love reading it, but when I was a kid a girl at my high school had a website where she wrote graphic RPF about my friends and I, and I still have traumatic flashbacks, so it's taking me a while to actually WRITE the RPS.  I really love Jensen/Jared a lot though!

Ask me questions, guys, I would like to procrastinate more instead of studying for my finals.
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