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Introducing ourselves

Welcome, welcome!

Ah, this is exciting.

So, I'd better introduce it all properly. I first had the idea of a place for fans to just chat about good fic and related fannish things a couple of years ago, and set up svroundtable for Smallville fans. And now, as I can't get enough of a Supernatural fix, I thought it would be a good idea to have a similar community for Supernatural. A virtual comfy corner, with coffee and muffins and a bunch of enthusiastic fans who can't stop talking about our show and how much we love it! It's open to everyone – there'll be slash recs here, real person fiction discussed, meta, het, gen, rare pairs and popular ones, vid and art recs as well as fiction.

Just because there are so many of us though, we're going to keep things fairly orderly. We've got lots of things going on each month – author/artist/vidder question and answer sessions, themed rec posts for everyone to contribute recs to, chat posts on fannish/writing/meta themes, and a monthly reccer who'll be posting recs throughout the month (you'll get a chance to volunteer for that later in the month when a sign up post goes up). Posting will only be available for mods, invited authors/artists/vidders and monthly reccers, just to make sure the community doesn't get spammed.

I want to keep rules to the minimum. Basically, just be considerate. Flaming is an absolute no-no, obviously, though polite debate and arguments are welcomed. Be careful about anything spoilery – anything not yet aired shouldn't be mentioned here (I'm a spoilerphobe, and I'm setting the rules, so there! *g*). Please include pairings on recs, particularly if the pairing is an incestous one or real person fiction, so those who don't like that kind of thing can avoid it. Self-reccing is to be avoided, please – it's just tacky. And that's about it!

Here's the current plan for each month:
+ Week one: Themed recs post – Sori will be making these.
+ Week two: Ask the Author – Ginger will be contacting authors to join in a question and answer session.
+ Week three: Chat post – I'll be posting these, a different topic each month. If you have a topic you'd like to see included, leave a comment here or email me.
+ Week four: Themed recs post – these will be handled by Ginger.
+ Week five (when there is one): Ask the Artist/Vidder session – I'll be contacting vidders and artists about this.

Next week, Jules will be making a sign up post, where anyone interested can sign up to rec for a month. She'll also be looking for back-up reccers, willing to stand in at short notice, to make sure we don't have any empty months. More details will be on the post.

Finally, we'll each be taking it in turn to make a monthly roundup of events, just to make sure no one's missed anything.


I've mentioned a whole bunch of names above – we've got four community mods. Sori (sori1773), Ginger (girlmostlikely), Jules (schneestern) and me, Signe (oxoniensis). If you've got any questions or suggestions about the community, leave a comment here.

And pimp, please! Pimp us as much as you like! Free muffins and the spot by the fire to the best pimper! Here's a mini-banner, if you want to use it to link to us (you're welcome to hotlink it).

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