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Supernatural Roundtable

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Supernatural Fandom's Roundtable community - recs, resources, activities, and more.

Here's roughly how it works each month:
  • Week one:
    -Recap of the previous month's activities.
    -"Favorites" post (we ask your your favorite SPN/fandom-related thing on a different theme each month). Organised by bertee.
    -Ask the Artist/Vidder session (artists and vidders take part in a Q&A session). Organised by oxoniensis

  • Week two:
    -Chat Post (a discussion topic for you to weigh in on), organised by de_nugis.
    -Pimp Your...! post (a chance for people to step in and talk about their favorite niche/rarepair part of fandom). Organised by obstinatrix.

  • Week three:
    -Podfic Roundup (a look at what's happening in the podfic side of fandom each month), posted by celtic_forest.
    -Ask the Author session (authors have their turn for a Q&A session). Organised by lazy_daze.

  • Week four:
    -Pic Post (picspam, meta, captioning, doodling games, etc). Run by bertee.
    -Vid Roundup (a recap of the goings on in the world of SPN fan vids and general vidding each month). Posted by ash48.

  • Week five:
    -Fanart Roundup (a look at what's happening in the world of SPN fanart each month), posted by petite_madame.
    -Rotating Feature - either an Anatomy of a Character post, an Activities Post (such as quizzes, etc) or a Workshop led by a volunteer.

In addition we have two teams of reccers, who will rec fiction, art, vids, meta etc. →

We're keeping the rules simple, but the ones we have are important.
  • (1) While individual posters may have strong feelings for or against certain genres of Supernatural fanfic/art/vids, the community accepts them all, and isn't going to specially promote or denigrate any genre.

  • (2) No flaming. Discussion is encouraged, and we won't always agree with one another in discussion, but keep it courteous and wankfree.

  • (3) No self-recs.

  • (4) Please cut-tag long posts, or graphic excerpts/comments.

You can find our spoiler policy here.

Community mods are: oxoniensis, lazy_daze, bertee, obstinatrix, ash48 and scarletscarlet.

Further details can be found on the introductory post. Suggestions or questions are welcome there, or you can email oxoniensis.

Layout credit: basic codes by disparue, adapted by oxoniensis. Icons, banners and profile image by oxoniensis.

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